Lab Created Gems and Synthetic Gemstones China Supplier and Manufacuturer

Lab Created Gemstones China Wholesale Are you looking for Lab Created Gems,Synthetic Gems Supplier, Exporter and the Real Manufacturer from the Real Factory in China?

You’re come to the right place, we are a Professional Supplier and the Real Factory which have more than 16 years experience in manufacturing Lab Created Gems, Synthetic Gems, Lab Created Ruby,Created Ruby, Lab Created Aquamarine,Crearted Aquamarine, Lab Created Sapphire,Created Sapphire,Lab Created Alexandrite and Created Alexandrite with Very high quality but low prices for jewelry making and distribution.

We offer a large variety of shapes and sizes including popular round and square sizes, and also unique heart, oval, octagon, marquise, pear,star shape and so on.

If you have special request about shapes, sizes, on our Lab Created Gems or Synthetic Gems, Please feel free to contact us by Email or Call, We will do our best to collaborate with you. You’re warmly welcomed to establish long term and good partnership with us on the basis of mutual benefit.

--Lab Created Ruby: Also Called Synthetic Ruby,Synthetic Red Corundum,Created Ruby;

Material: Corundum;
--Lab Created Aqua: Also Called Synthetic Aquamarine,Created Aquamarine,Synthetic Spinel;Material: Spinel;
--Lab Created Sapphire: Also Called Synthetic Sapphire,Created Sapphire,Fake Sapphire;
Material: Blue Corundum;
--Lab Created Alexandrite: Also Called Synthetic Alexandrite,Created Alexandrite,Synthetic Corundum;

Material: Corundum #46 or #48;

Lab Created Ruby Normal Colors:

Lab Created Aquamarine Normal Colors:
Lab Created Sapphire Normal Colors:
Lab Created Alexandrite Normal Colors:

Lab Created Alexandrian Stones
(Synthetic Alexandrite Stones Corundum #46)


1 Respones to "Lab Created Gems and Synthetic Gemstones China Supplier and Manufacuturer"

SvenAERTS228 said...

Congratulations and what a wonderful colors. I'm writing you from Europe. Fashion-dictatorship and stupidity dictates our woman cannot wear anything wit colors anymore: it's all crystal clear, black, metal or white apparently. No designer dares / puts color in anymore. I understand white women skin, cannot bear as easily the fun an radiance of green, blue, red, yellow ... and the fun that goes with it. Are white woman boring? I'd start to think so ... But our metropolitan cities are quite colorful with woman from all parts of the planet: Africa, Asia, Latin America, ... Girls please : don't let marketing push you into that crap-trap that's intended for white woman ! It's not because white woman skin don't look / can't have the radiant colors your skins look good with because they can withstand it and your colored skins CRY out for colors ! Don't become as boring as the white ones ! PlEAAAASE !

The only / best one to work with colors in was the Giovanni brand around 1995-2000, but he's dissapeared apparently. I'm DYING to find brands / designers that use your colorful stones, please send us some URL's !

Sincerely, SvenAERTS228 at gmail dot com

July 5, 2011 at 12:17 PM

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