Moissanite Diamond Gemstones Rose Cut China Suppliers and Wholesale

Moissanite Diamond Gemstones in Rose Cut China Suppliers and Wholesale

What Is Moissanite?Moissanite was first discovered in trace quantities that were carried to Earth from a spectacular meteorite. Possessing fire, brilliance, and luster far greater than that of a diamond, Moissanite diamond Gemstones sparkles unlike any other gemstone on earth. Composed of carbon and silicon, Moissanite is also one of the hardest and toughest known elements on earth, making it extremely resistant to scratching, chipping and breaking. Its durability and incomparable beauty make it an ideal center stone for an engagement ring or jewelry gift. Moissanite Diamonds come in many fancy shapes and sizes and can be used to create a one of a kind Moissanite Ring or used in other unique Moissanite Jewelry.

What Is Rose Cut?The rose cut (also called the rosette cut) for diamonds was invented in the 17th century and its used continued until the 18th century. The rose cut has a flat base and triangular facets (usually 24).
An old diamond or gemstone cutting style with a flat base and usually two horizontal rows of facets rising to a point. Sometimes called a Dutch rose cut, it may have as many as 24 facets.

Now, you can buy Loose Moissanite Diamond Gemstones Rose Cut from China Suppliers and manufacturers. 

Rose Cut  Loose Moissanite Diamond Gemstones available sizes: 5x5mm-15x15mm
We also can manufacture Moissanite Diamond gemstones in other popular fancy shapes such as oval, pear, hearts, princess.etc.

Contact us today to get high quality of Moissanite Diamond Gemstones in Rose Cut from China Suppliers and Wholesaler. 

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Natural white topaz machine cut Gemstone China Suppliers and Wholesale

Natural White Topaz Gemstones, Natural Colorless White Topaz Gemstones China Wholesale and Suppliers
White topaz is a variation of the silicate mineral topaz, which occurs in different colors. Unlike cubic zirconia, which is synthetic, white topaz is natural.
Both white topaz and cubic zirconia Gemstones are colorless. Since white topaz is natural, it may contain some impurities that can affect its color.


Since white topaz is a natural gemstone, it can have some internal imperfections that developed during its formation. Some stones may have easily visible inclusions, while others may look flawless to the naked eye.
Compared with other gems, this stone is relatively clean, though, and tends to have a glassy appearance.
Compared with white topaz, cubic zirconia Gemstones usually looks cleaner. This is due to its artificial origin – the methods used to synthesize cubic zirconia minimize potential defects, and as a result, this stone looks perfectly or nearly flawless.
Now, You can buy High quality of Natural white topaz machine cut Gemstone wholesale at factory direct pricing from China Suppliers and Manufacturers. 
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Double side Checkerboard Turtle face Cubic Zirconia Golden Yellow Gemstones China Wholesale

Double side Checkerboard Cubic Zirconia Gemstones, Double side Turtle face cut CZ Synthetic Gemstones China Wholesale and Suppliers
We have some stocks of 10mm Double side Checkerboard Turtle face Golden Yellow Gemstones, It's the 5A(Top) quality, the faceting & cutting are very nice, and it's brilliant and sparkling.




10mm Double Side Checkerboard Cut Golden Yellow 5A Quality CZ Stones

The Unit price of it is US$1.50/pc (100 pcs in stocks), size:10mm
Qty Available: 100 pcs

And the price of 3A Quality will be cheaper. 

Contact us today to get the high quality of 10mm Double side Checkerboard Turtle face Golden Yellow Gemstones wholesale at factory direct pricing from China Suppliers and manufacturers. 
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