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The Original Radiant Cut Diamond and Cubic Zirconia Radiant Cut Gemstones

The Original Radiant Cut Diamond and Cubic Zirconia Radiant Cut Gemstones
The Original Radiant Cut Diamond
In 1977, Henry Grossbard developed the Original Radiant Cut Diamond, transforming the diamond industry. His creativity and craftsmanship infused square and rectangular diamonds with the kind of brilliance lacking in the traditional "emerald cut" shape, unleashing for the first time the full brilliance of the exquisite square or rectangular diamond.
Today, Mr. Grossbard's children, Stan and Rebecca, carry on their father's legacy, selling only the finest radiants, the Original Radiant Cut Diamond, each one guaranteed to meet the extraordinary standards of quality established by their father. Each Original Radiant Cut Diamond is carefully crafted to the highest proportion standards. This gives the Original Radiant Cut Diamonds the proper fire and brilliance.

Mr. Grossbard developed two cutting styles, the type used for round diamonds, and the one used for emerald cuts, into a hybrid "brilliantized step cut." His creativity resulted in a diamond with the emerald cut shape and the sparkle of the most finely cut round diamond. The result is a brilliant and elegant shape that enables people to choose the stylish square or rectangular shape without compromising on brilliance.

The Original Radiant Cut maximizes the beauty of each and every diamond. Mr. Grossbard's style of cutting gives the square and rectangular shaped diamonds an eye-catching "kaleidoscope" look of brilliance with more "points of light" reflected within the diamond than any other cut. Although others have tried to imitate Mr. Grossbard's techniques, only the Original Radiant Cut is cut to his standards, giving tremendous scintillation and life to every diamond.
The popularity of the Original Radiant Cut diamond has caused imitations to appear on the market. Viewed side by side, the differences between an Original Radiant Cut and generic are immediately apparent. There is just no comparison between a generic radiant or princess next to an Original Radiant Cut. The Original Radiant Cut stands out for its incredible brilliance and always fully spreads its carat weight.

Top Reasons to Buy an Original Radiant Cut:
Highest Cut Quality. Every Original Radiant Cut Diamond is cut to the rigorous standards developed by Henry Grossbard, the inventor of the cut.
Unmatched Brilliance. Strict adherence to Mr. Grossbard's cut standards, means every diamond possesses unparalleled brilliance.
Fully Spreads its Carat Weight. Since tremendous expertise goes into cutting each Original Radiant Cut, the diamonds often look larger than a similar weight generic.
Guaranteed Trust. Every diamond comes with an Original Radiant Cut Diamond Certificate, and also has a corresponding laser inscription on the girdle of the diamond. If it doesn't have a certificate and laser inscription, you'll know it is not an Original Radiant Cut.
The Original Radiant Cut design includes a range of contemporary square and rectangular shaped diamonds. We offer our Original Radiant Cuts as square, "squarish," "rectangularish," or rectangular. This enables you to find an Original Radiant Cut that works best with a particular jewelry setting, with the shape of your hand, or one that just feels perfect for you.
From square to rectangular, no matter which shape you choose, the Original Radiant Cut will burst with fire and life like no other similar shaped diamond on the market. You simply need to try on one of our diamonds to find out which one feels right for you. Visit our store listing or search our online diamond inventory to start meeting your match.
And We can make high quality of Cubic Zirconia Radiant Cut in square and rectangle shape. It's sparkling and brilliant.

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CZ White Round Stone Machine Cut China Wholesale and Supplier

C.Z.Machine Cut are in these following production grades as followed :

(A) C.Z.White & C.Z.Colors Machine Cut Round Shape (Star) 8 Heart 8 Arrows, manufactured by European machinery system with raw materials from USA. This production grade can be detected of 8 hearts 8 arrows by Star Loop and give perfect reflection with the minimum tolerance (+/- 0.01 mm.)

The product quality is the same as “Signity” from Austria or other European machine cut manufacturers but we offer much lower quotation.

(B) C.Z.White & C.Z.Colors Europe Machine Cut Round Shape (Brilliance Cut) :
 Manufactured by European machinery system with raw materials from USA. The product quality is the same as “Signity” from Austria or other European machine cut manufacturers but we offer much lower quotation.

This is for market with no interest of 8 hearts 8 arrows and yet the price is lower than 8 hearts 8 arrows.

(C) C.Z.White & C.Z.Colors Machine Cut Fancy Shape: Oval, Pear, Marquise, Triangle, Trillion, Octagon, Baguette, Square, Taper Baguette, Heart.

These productions made from Korean machinery that gives great polishing and precise product size with perfect ridges more than normal Hand Cut production. Besides, we used raw materials from USA, the same as European manufacturers, so it gives excellent reflection and provide same quality as production from Europe but lower in price quotation.

Remark: This is high quality products and suitable for GOLD JEWELLERY, GOLD JEWELRY IN 18 KT. & 21 KT. , PLATNIUM JEWELLERY, SILVER JEWELLERY


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