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The Ways to Tell Diamond From Cubic Zirconia stone

Spotting a fake diamond is fairly simple once you know the steps.

Cubic zirconia is a synthetic material that to the naked eye can be almost indistinguishable from a genuine diamond stone. When spending a large sum of money on a piece of jewelry, it is important to know that what you're purchasing is an authentic diamond. There are a few simple ways for the everyday shopper to tell the difference between a cubic zirconia and a diamond.


•1 Place a small piece of newspaper behind the stone. If you can read the newspaper through the stone, it is not a real diamond. Diamonds have internal facets that impact their transparency.
•2 Scratch a piece of glass with the stone. Real diamonds are incredibly hard and will scratch glass, while cubic zirconias will not. Be aware that some synthetic stones may produce small scratches, so don't rely on this test alone.
•3 Breathe on the stone as if you were trying to fog up a window. Diamonds are not capable of holding heat, so if the fog does not clear immediately the stone is not a genuine diamond.
•4 Weigh the stone against a confirmed diamond of the same carat. Diamonds weigh less than cubic zirconias, so if the two stones are real diamonds they will have roughly the same weight.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Zirconium Loose CZ Stones Shopping Guide from China Supplier and wholesale

Cubic Zirconia Stones
What is Cubic Zirconia? Cubic Zirconia Information

  • Cubic zirconia (also called CZ) is a synthetic crystalline substance used as an affordable alternative to diamonds.
  • Though much less expensive than diamonds, the brilliance and crystal clarity of cubic zirconia make it one of today's most popular stones for an attractive-yet-inexpensive, diamond-like jewelry.
  • Cubic zirconia is not a mineral; it is a man-made substance, not to be confused with the natural gemstone zircon.
Cubic Zirconia History
  • In 1937, German mineralogists discovered the natural mineral form of the gemstone in a single site. It has never been found in nature again.
  • The current synthetic version of cubic zirconia stone is a crystalline form of the metallic element zirconium dioxide. It was first produced in a laboratory in 1977.
  • Cubic zirconia crystals are made by melting powdered zirconium and zirconium dioxide together by heating them up to 4,982ºF.

Cubic Zirconia - Quality

  • Unlike diamonds, cubic zirconia is simulated to be flawless. CZ can be perfectly structured, free of inclusions, totally transparent and possess a brighter fire.
  • Like other gemstones, cut, size and shape influence how light is refracted and will affect the stone's brilliance.
  • Like diamonds and other gemstones, cubic zirconia has is own grading scale to measure quality.

Cubic Zirconia vs. Diamonds

  • A colorless cubic zirconia is extremely difficult to distinguish from a diamond, and appears identical to the untrained eye.
  • While a diamond is a naturally occurring gemstone, cubic zirconia is simulated.
  • Diamonds are the hardest gemstone in the world, a 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Cubic zirconia is softer, but still considered a hard gemstone with an 8.5 rating.
  • The denseness of cubic zirconia makes it about 75% heavier than diamonds.
  • Cubic zirconia tends to contain more flashes of color than the typical diamond.
  • CZ's very high refractive index and transparency mimic the look of the most expensive diamonds in clarity and brilliance.
  • Cubic zirconia does not have cleavages, making them less brittle and susceptible to chips and cracks than diamonds.

Cubic Zirconia Styles

  • Cubic zirconia is used in rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings, other pieces where you might find diamonds. It is often set in valuable metals like gold, sterling silver and platinum.
  • The gemstone is available in a variety of attractive colors, which are made by using different oxides. Colored cubic zirconia is extremely popular in fashion jewelry.
  • Cubic zirconia is cut in the same shapes and styles as diamonds. Learn about diamond cuts and styles in the diamond buying guide.

CZ's in Fashion Jewelry

  • Absolute™ is a leading brand of cubic zirconia. Absolute delivers the look of a diamond without the high price tag.
  • Accomplished jewelry designers create signature collections using Absolute. Creative minds like Victoria Wieck and Jean Dousset among others make their coveted work accessible for all budgets by working with cubic zirconia.

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Red Glass Crystal Gemstones Pear Drop Cut china supplier and wholesale

Glass Crystal Gemstones Pear Drop Cuts china supplier and wholesale Glass Crystal Stones is a wonderful way to add a splash of color and sparkle to your designs.  
Red Glass Crystal Gemstones Pear Drop Cut
Glass stone Pear Drop 12x7mm

Glass/Crystal Gemstones:
Material: Glass/Crystal 
Size: Pear 12x7mm
Shape or Style: Pear Drops-Double side turtle face, With Hole, Size: 1.2mm
Place of Origin: China 

Red Glass Color Chart:

Red Glass Stones Color Chart
Red Glass Color Chart
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