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CZ is available in many different colors and shades

CZ is available in many different colors and shades.
Cubic Zirconia (commonly known as CZ) is a man-made synthetic gem that is created by scientists in labs. While CZ does occur in the natural environment, the ability to create the gem in labs means that the supply can easily meet the demands of the jewelry market.
If you are a jewelry maker or own a jewelry store, you most likely want to buy your cubic zirconia in loose form so that you can make whatever type of jewelry your customers tend to like.
CZ is available in many different colors and shades. The most popular color is white CZ Stones, as the white cubic zirconia gems can easily be compared to high quality diamonds. The white CZ gems come in A, AAA, and AAAAA qualities. The AAAAA quality CZ gem is of higher quality than the A quality gem.
If your customers are happier with gems of a different color, don’t worry. There are three different shades of purple cubic zirconia gems: amethyst, lavender and violet. The amethyst CZ is a deeper shade than the lavender.
The lavender CZ is very light lavender, adding just a tint of color to an otherwise white gem. The violet cubic zirconia is a deep shade of blue-purple that many women find complimenting.
Many jewelry lovers fall for blue-colored gems, and there are CZ gems that come in blue shades. The aqua cubic zirconia is a light blue-green color. The tanzanite cubic zirconia is a deeper blue shade .
If your customer prefers shades of yellow, there are two different shades available: champagne and citrine yellow. Champagne CZ has become very popular in the market, as has the champagne diamond. Its tinge of yellow/brown is subtle yet very classy. The citrine yellow CZ is a brighter yellow and is perfect for those who want to make a statement.

If you are in the market for cubic zirconia gems, try one of the colors listed above, or one of the other colors which include: emerald, garnet, padparadschah, peridot, and pink. Purchasing loose CZ gems through a wholesale dealer is economically sound and smart.Cubic Zirconia is a beautiful yet inexpensive alternative to diamonds and other expensive gems. This article elaborates on the many different colors that CZ gems are available in.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Innovations of Cubic Zirconia Stones

The Innovations of Cubic Zirconia Stones:
In recent years manufacturers have sought ways of distinguishing their product by supposedly “improving” cubic zirconia. Coating finished Cubic Zirconia Stones in a film of diamond-like carbon (DLC) or Amorphous Diamond is one such innovation, a process using chemical vapor deposition. The resulting material is purportedly harder, more lustrous and more like diamond overall: The coating is thought to quench the excess fire of CZ Stones, while improving its refractive index, thus bringing it more in line with diamond. Additionally, because of the high percentage of diamond bonds in the amorphous diamond coating, the finished simulant will show a positive diamond signature under Raman spectroscopy.
Cubic Zirconia Beads China Wholesale

Another technique first applied to quartz and topaz has also been adapted to Loose cubic zirconia Stones: Vacuum-sputtering an extremely thin layer of metal oxide (typically gold) onto the finished stones creates an iridescent effect. This material is marketed as “mystic” by many dealers. Unlike DLC, the surreal effect is not permanent, as abrasion easily removes the oxide layer.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Useful Tips to pick your Jewelry

Something to take into consideration is the embellishments against your dress. Does your dress feature tiny pearls or rhinestones? Perhaps you have a Swarovski encrusted brooch attached. These materials found in the introduction of your dress could be accented with the jewelry. Search for Sinsi jewelry which include these same materials including pearls, crystals or rhinestones. It will aid to compliment and get the beauty of your dress. Just keep in mind that the jewelry will be to accessorize and not to take outside the main focus within your dress.
925-Silver CZ Rings China Wholesale Sinsi jewelry-S01R09922
Find the style of your dress. For anybody who is wearing a V neckline dress, y-style necklaces are the ideal choice. So many women wearing a strapless dress decide on a choker or bold cubic zirconia necklace.

Think about the theme or type of wedding that you are having. For anybody who is exchanging vows to the beach, selecting jewelry that includes freshwater pearls and mother-of-pearls is a fantastic choice. These natural materials supplment your beach themed look. Being married in the spring? Consider floral inspired jewelry designs. Many Sinsi jewelry designs feature pearl flowers and rhinestone encrusted vines. cubic zirconia White AAAAA Quality stones.

Avoid being afraid of color. Many brides are adding hints within their wedding colors into their Sinsi jewelry  . Whether your colors can be a deep eggplant or perhaps subtle golden champagne, adding color towards your jewelry can also add diversity and sweetness.

Don't outweigh yourself. When you are in love with a more sophisticated CZ Stones necklace, you might want to scale back over the earrings or bracelet selection. You don't wish your jewelry competing with each other. Pick your focus. If you need a large scale necklace, purchase a simpler earring design. Couples choose not to even wear a necklace and select larger earrings and chunky bracelets.

Wedding ceremony day hairstyle is also something to take into consideration. If you are wearing nice hair down in wavy sweeps, try wearing stud or simple drop earrings. If you plan on wearing good up, longer dangles and chandelier earrings look fabulous.
And ultimately, there is the number of metal color. Choosing between silver or gold seemingly a personal preference. Certainly, the industry opts for silver, however, couples love the rich look of gold. Another shade of silver is called "antique" silver. These jewelry pieces have got a more vintage feel like make it resemble a true heirloom piece.
Whether you ultimately choose long chandelier earrings or a classic pearl necklace, bare in mind that the jewelry would be the accessory, not the attention. Choose the best jewelry to go with your style, theme, and dress.cubic zirconia loose stones

If you're looking for bargain for superb, lab grown diamonds are among one of the better choices. Wise consumers as if you can now have inexpensive and real diamonds. Produced in a laboratory, these diamonds have high clarity and flawlessness. You'll be able to sparkle and appear elegant without losing how much cash required for mined diamonds. It can save up to up to 15 to 30% for colorless lab grown diamonds and 75 to 80% for colored diamonds. What great buy your money can buy! You can even coordinate that ring that has a necklace, a pair of earrings, or simply a bracelet with just one amount together naturally grown diamond. Picture yourself having greater number of these blings at a lesser price.

They are real gem quality diamonds. No, they're not fake! Using technology within the artificial environment, these gems are formed inside of days, 4 the fact is, inside the laboratory unlike natural gems which take years. You don't have to mine under mineral ores. This will make the process cheaper than mining natural stones. What man-made wonder! Now you can wear this synthetic gem and never have to think of the conflict and environmental concerns connected to mining natural diamonds. Glow inside your appearance, knowing you can even value this matter.

Shine with these diamonds while in the color motif or mood you will have. The diamonds can be bought in colorless and colored stones. In actual fact, colorless stones in synthetics are rarer than natural colorless stones. These colorless or near colorless diamonds are harder to grow. Treatment of inclusions like nitrogen and that is abundant in the surroundings is an intricate method. Yet, these lab grown diamonds still come cheaper compared to mined gems. For colored stones, you'll be able to choose colors in yellow, blue, pink, and green. Yellow stones are made by including more nitrogen in the procedure. Blue stones are produced by adding boron. Other inclusions are included to produce pink or green. The availability of colors allows you for you to fit your attire or add bling for your fashion. No matter what color of stone you wear the stone's brilliance and lustre shall draw attention and complements to your account. The brilliance is achieved as a result of growth patterns with the stone plus the lack of inclusions produced by the lab technology. This flawless feature is key to a easy and yet sparklingly elegant look. White cubic zirconia Stones.
Stop wondering about cubic zirconia or moissanite. They are really inexpensive diamond substitutes. Now you can have real diamonds with a low-cost price. Imagine yourself wearing diamonds certified through the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the number one diamond research and grading body. The identical chemical, physical and optical qualities can be obtained from these synthetic diamonds. Only from a trained eye, by a gemologist, can these synthetic diamonds be distinguished from natural diamonds. Why waste your hard earned money for buying one naturally grown diamond when you're able to actually buy a set of jewelry using the same amount?
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Emerald Green color stone is the birthstone for may

Emerald Green color stone is the birthstone for may:
What’s the birthstone for May?
People in the Middle Ages believed that May’s birthstone, the emerald, held the power to foretell the future.


May’s birthstone is the emerald.

The emerald belongs to the beryl family of minerals that include aquamarine (one of March’s birthstones), heliodor, and morganite. Beryl, or beryllium aluminum silicate in chemical jargon, is a six-sided symmetrical crystal. Beryl contains beryllium, aluminum, silicon, and oxygen.

Emeralds vary in color from light to deep green. It’s commonly thought that an emerald’s color derives from the presence of chromium and/or vanadium replacing some of the aluminum in the mineral’s structure. The stone can, however, lose its color when heated strongly.

Several famous historical artifacts were made of emeralds. Among them is the Crown of the Andes, said to be made from emeralds worn by Atahualpa, the last Inca (king) of Peru. The crown is set with about 450 emeralds, collectively weighing 10 ounces (1523 carats).

Emeralds are most frequently found inside a form of shale – a fine-grained sedimentary rock. Emerald-bearing shale has undergone recrystallization caused by changes in the physical environment such as pressure and temperature. Colombia produces the largest and highest quality emeralds. They were also discovered, and subsequently mined, in the Ural Mountains of Russia around 1830. In the United States, emeralds can be found in North Carolina. Around the world, they also occur in Zambia, Brazil, Pakistan, Norway, Austria, India, Madagascar, and Australia.

Synthetic manufacture of emeralds was achieved by German chemists shortly before World War II. But growing synthetic stones of fine quality began in the United States in 1946. There are also excellent imitation emeralds on the market made of colored cut glass.

The emerald’s name is indirectly derived from the Greek word “smaragdos,” a term applied to several kinds of green stones. The history of emeralds can be traced back to antiquity. They were worn by royalty in Babylon and Egypt. Tools dating back to 1300 B.C., during the reign of Rameses II, have been found in emerald mines in Egypt. Queen Cleopatra’s emeralds were believed to originate from mines in Southern Egypt, near the Red Sea.

When the conquistadors first arrived in South America from Spain, they saw indigenous rulers wearing emeralds. They took large quantities of emeralds from the Peruvians during the invasion, but the source of the emeralds was not discovered. Then in 1537, the Spaniards found Chivor in Colombia, now the location of an important emerald mine. They also took over the Muzo mine following the defeat of the Muzo Indians. Mining operations at Muzo have continued almost uninterrupted since the Spanish invasion. It is perhaps the most famous emerald mine in Colombia and is said to produce the world’s best emeralds.

There are many myths associated with the emerald. The stone was once believed to prevent epilepsy, stop bleeding, cure dysentery and fever, and protect the wearer from panic. Its magnificent green color was said to rest and relieve the eye. To the ancient Romans, emeralds were dedicated to the goddess Venus because the green emerald symbolized the reproductive forces of nature. Early Christians saw it as a symbol of the resurrection of Christ. In the Middle Ages, emeralds were believed to hold the power to foretell the future.
To Save you some budget to buy the Natural Emerald green stone instead, you can have a try to buy the Loose Cubic Zirconia Emerald Green Color stones from China Supplier and Wholesaler, Loose CZ Stones Emerald Green color is close to match the Emerald Green colors.
Find out about the birthstones for the other months of the year.
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The Tips for Men's Jewelry Styling in 2012

The Tips for Men's Jewelry Styling in 2012-
Many Jewellers thought than men should keep things as simple as possible when it comes to jewellery.
But,I say drop-out and get your fashion education elsewhere!

Although men are typically limited to a watch, ring, bracelet and necklace, they should take advantage of accessorizing their attire in order to maximize not only their fashionable credibility, but their individuality.

Jonny Depp is a fantastic fashion muse - especially when it come to bejeweling his more formal looks. A maverick of style, he can always be spotted wearing substantially more jewellery than his red carpet contemporaries. Not to mention pieces that go beyond the simple silver band (which is what most men feel comfortable only wearing).

Not that I want to discourage wearing a simple band - this is an area in itself where men have the advantage of being able to play with various types of metal in a way that their female counterparts cant.

From the lustrous sheen of Cobalt to the eternal glimmer of titanium, the genetic advantage of larger handed males means that they can experiment with harsher toned alloys more easily.  Where as woman are more suited to the glamorous look of lighter metals - silver and gold.

A man should be advised that a plain band, of gold, silver, or platinum, is the most safe choice available.
However, never shy away from the depth a sapphire can bring to a pair of cufflinks or the richness a ruby adds to a silver band.  Precious stones and gems are unmistakably eye-catching and perhaps one of the most sophisticated ways a man can stylishly upgrade and individualize his look.

The single most important rule to follow is simply to make sure that the stones compliment the outfit, not distract from it or override it.  The focus of a formal outfit is the suit, and everything else – the tie, the belt, the shoes, the pocket square, the jewellery – everything, is designed to compliment the suit.

So if your suit has a slight maroon sheen to it, look for jewellery that will mimic this colour and draw attention to it.  Cuff-links with a deep maroon gem will enhance the colour of your suit in the most subtle but spectacular of ways and heighten your over-all visual charm.

Make sure to look for accessories that work in with your suit, supporting your attire - and not the other way around.

A general rule of dressing says to match metal to metal.

That means that if your belt buckle is silver, so should be your cuff links, tie clip, and anything else that has a metal base.  If your choose add a colour to your look via your jewellery, make sure, this too matches. For example, choose to highlight a colour that is already in the weave of your suit, in your tie or shirt.

Yet, as mentioned at the beginning of this article - the rules of fashion are absolutely allowed to be broken - they are simply a safe guideline to make sure you get the basics right.

So if you wear an heirloom silver watch, please do experiment and feel free to wear brass buckles.  Or if your is gold, you are still able to accessorize with silver cuffs.

One item can always be of a different metal/tone, for example wear your gold band, silver cuffs, silver belt and silver watch - but always maximize on one metal so not to look to disjointed in your jewellery choices.

Another rule says not to wear gold after dark (nor button-down collars, nor brown shoes, for that matter). This is good to keep in mind when dressing for the night-life, and again, it is a good suggestion rather than a cardinal law.

Rules aside, the modern man is more appropriately dressed if he accessorizes himself.
The key things he should remember is that moderation and subtlety are the keys to completing a classic, formal, well-put-together look.  The best part of a good suit is often the suit itself, but proper accessories, worn correctly, can turn a good suit into a great suit.
And never be afraid to stand out or shine via the richness of Loose Cubic Zirconia stones, Synthetic sapphire or Lab Created ruby encrusted jewelry!  They can make all the difference in the world when it comes to being a fashionable mundane man of style or a maverick!

Loose cubic zirconia stones are probably a cornerstone for the Jewelry makers

Loose cubic zirconia stones are probably a cornerstone for the Jewelry makers.

If you are a jewelry maker, loose cubic zirconia are probably a cornerstone of your business.
With a hardness factor of 8.5, incredible clarity, and exquisite brilliance, the quality of cubic zirconia AAAAA could easily match or surpass expensive diamonds.
Even cubic zirconia AAA synthetic gems are loupe clean, making them in high demand from jewelers and customers alike.
Whether you make earrings, rings, necklaces, or pendants, finding high quality CZ stones at wholesale prices can be a challenge. Here are some tips to ensure that the lab created gems you buy meet your high standards: Look for a supplier with a stellar reputation. There is one primary indicator of the reputability of a wholesale supplier of CZ stones: length of time in business.
A company that has been in business for less than five years may be perfectly reputable, but you know that a company that has been in operation for over 40 years is an expert in simulated stones. Look for a great selection. Your wholesale provider should carry a wide selection of loose cubic zirconia. The company should have cubic zirconia AAAAA, as well as CZ AAA and CZ A quality stones, as well as a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. It should, for example, offer round, heart, oval, octagon, square, marquise, pear, star, and trillion shapes.
It should also offer colors such as amethyst, aqua, champagne, citrine yellow, emerald, garnet, lavender, padparadschah, peridot, pink, tanzanite, and violet.
Likewise, you should have dozens of choices of sizes; for example, sizes could range from 1mm round to 75mm round and everything in between.
A great selection will enable you to buy exactly what you need in the way of lab created gems, without having to settle for less. Look for clear navigation and pricing. You’ll find the best wholesale prices online, so make sure the website has a clear description and pricing table. For example, you should be able to see, all on the same page, your options for buying cubic zirconia AAAAA round stones.
The description should go from large to small, with the lot size and price clearly indicated. It might start with, for example, “AAAAA, 1mm round, 500pc lot,” and end with “AAAAA, 16mm round, 10pc lot.” Having the quality, size, shape and lot size ensures that you order exactly what you need while being able to quickly and easily compare pricing.
When you're looking for an online supplier of loose cubic zirconia, keep in mind that wholesalers often offer closeout deals on certain CZ stones and other lab created gems. You may be able to pick up a 1,000-piece lot of 2m by 4m baguette cut CZ amethyst stones for only $60, or a 200-piece lot of 8mm by 10 mm pear cut CZ violet stones for less than $90.
If loose cubic zirconia is the foundation of your business, it pays to find the best online wholesaler: one with a sterling reputation, a great selection, clear navigation, and perhaps even closeout deals.
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the Mohs Scale of cubic zirconia stones

The Mohs Scale of cubic zirconia stones in Measuring CZ Hardness

Used to Measure CZ Hardness, What Is the Mohs Scale?
The hardness of loose cubic zirconia, lab created gems and naturally formed gemstones is measured by the Mohs scale. For instance, natural diamonds, Earth’s hardest mineral, are a perfect 10 on the Mohs scale. Lab created cubic zirconia are nearly as hard, registering 8.5 Mohs. Common talc (as in talcum powder) which can be easily scratched with a fingernail is the least hard mineral, rating a lowly 1 on the Mohs scale.

A useful scale universally used to grade the hardness of minerals, the Mohs scale was developed nearly 200 years ago by German mineralogist and geologist Carl Friedrich Christian Mohs (1773-1839). After studying at the famous Mining Academy of Freiberg in Saxony, followed by a stint as a pit foreman at the Neudorf/Harz mine, Mohs was hired by wealthy banker J.F. van der Null to classify and organize his extensive mineral collection.

At that time, mineralogists classified minerals by their chemical composition. Mohs departed from the norm by choosing to classify van der Null’s collection by the physical properties of the minerals. He differentiated the various minerals by crystal morphology, cleavage, density and hardness. In the process, Mohs developed methods of easily — and inexpensively — determining one mineral from another by observation and simple tests that could be conducted in the field. Mohs published his innovative methodology in 1812 while serving as Professor of Mineralogy at the Joanneum in Graz, Austria.

Mohs’ mineral identification methods revolutionized mineral collection and became the universally recognized standard for mineral identification still used by wholesale jewelers and mineralogists today. In fact, while cubic zirconia gems look just like their natural diamond counterparts, jewelers use weight as a quick and easy method to distinguish the two. A loose cubic zirconia gem weighs about 1.5 times as much as a diamond of the same size.

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