Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Quality Grading System for the Cubic Zirconia stones

The Quality Grading System for the Cubic Zirconia stones
Cubic zirconia, the cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide (ZrOS), is considered to be the top grade diamond stimulant available on the market today.  Like most gemstones, it is available in several different grades.  Much like a diamond, the conditions under which a particular loose cubic zirconia stone was created will affect its quality.
Loose Cubic Zirconia stones Quality grades

In general, grades of cubic zirconia are based on the purity of their ingredients as well as the proportions of the formula used when they were synthesized, and the temperature and pressure at which the elements are combined.  In other words, the type of CZ produced will vary depending on the type of stabilizer uses in the synthesis process as well as in the amount of stabilizer used.
Loose Cubic Zirconia stones comes in 5 grades beginning with A grade which is the most basic.  While AA, AAA, AAAA, and AAAAA are all represent good quality, as the A’s become progressively more abundant, even higher quality is represented.  Grades AAA through AAAAA are more likely to have more sparkle and are often guaranteed to last longer.  In addition, the higher the grade of CZ stones, the more its luster will be as well.
Unlike most diamonds, all CZ stones are optically flawless and quite durable and resist scratching with normal wear.  They are relatively hard at about 8 on the Mohs scale, much harder than most natural gemstones according to the scale.  Discovered in 1976, the low cost and durability of cubic zirconia stones has made it a great competitor to the diamond ever since.
When choosing the loose CZ stones, jewelers and jewelry designers must not only take into account the size, shape, and cut, but should also carefully consider which grade of CZ will be best fitting for a particular piece of jewelry.

Friday, October 11, 2013

More and more Jewelry designers like to use CZ or Lab created gemstones instead of Diamond for their jewelry

More and more Jewelry designers like to use CZ or Lab created gemstones instead of Diamond for their jewelry
The Kimberley Process has helped to join governments together to try to stop the illegal trade of diamonds, but at times illegal diamonds have slipped through the cracks.  When diamonds slip through the cracks, warlords are able to continue campaigns of exploitation and terror in their African nation.  Conflict diamonds are also called “blood diamonds” as many people have died in the fight for and against the transporting of these beautiful shiny gemstones.

Cubic Zirconia Stones
They say that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”…or at least that is how the song goes.  Most ladies, and likely most of the gentlemen population that live in the United States as well, are not overjoyed with the idea that the jewelry they are wearing could be funding a war that they do not support in a land far away.
The great news is that jewelry designers and manufacturers do not need to rely on the diamond industry to produce high class jewelry that both men and women will love.  Purchasing wholesale loose cubic zirconia stones or wholesale lab created gems instead of conflict diamonds is best as a jeweler or manufacturer can create radiant jewelry pieces which are both alluring and admirable to those who see them.
Jewelry designers and manufacturers will find that using lab created gems and loose cubic zirconia stones for necklaces, rings, earrings, pendants, and rings, are an excellent choice for all of their jewelry designs.  From dainty loose cubic zirconia and lab created gems to immense loose cubic zirconia and lab created gems, jewelry manufactures and designers will find everything they need for fabulous jewelry creations at FU RONG GEMS.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Jewelry Retailers Prepare for the Holiday Season

Jewelry Retailers Prepare for the Holiday Season
In order to try and make this holiday season successful, retailers have to do whatever it takes to set them apart from the competition and that’s exactly what online jewelry retailer diViene has done.  The unique e-commerce site has taken every step necessary to provide the best possible shopping experience for customers who are interested in hand made birthstone jewelry.

A huge part of holiday shopping is finding the best deal and diViene.com is delivering by both dropping prices and offering special coupon codes to shoppers.  They are also making it easier for consumers to get the perfect gift by offering a multitude of sizes, including half and quarter sizes, which should help to eliminate the need of returns.  For shoppers who remain unsure about making a purchase from diViene.com, the company also has a very liberal return policy to help shoppers buy with confidence.

Allowing customers to shop a wonderful selection of completely unique gifts with confidence could prove to be the perfect recipe for holiday success for this online jeweler.  The only thing that might cause some shoppers to look elsewhere is the prices.  Despite the fact that diViene.com has dropped their prices, many of their hand made creations still come with a price tag of several hundred dollars.
Shoppers who are on a budget and looking to find a good price rather than a “good deal” may want to turn their attention to retailers who sell cubic zirconia jewelry.  Plenty of designers are actively using loose cz stones in a wide variety of colors to create some of the most bold and incredible pieces imaginable.

Loose CZ Stones can easily take the place of a diamond or other natural gem in just about any setting to create a versatile, powerful and durable piece without driving up the price to uncomfortably high ranges.  A diamond may be a girl’s best friend but during this busy season, cubic zirconia may very well become the holiday shoppers’ best friend.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Emirates Palace decorated with Cubic zirconia stones

Wholesale cubic zirconia has all of the visual properties of a flawless, naturally mined diamond but costs only a fraction of the price.  Because cz stones is created in a controlled lab environment, each piece is free of inclusions and perfect to replace natural diamonds in fine jewelry (or on Christmas trees) in order to maintain quality while keeping the price affordable.
The Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi has unveiled what they hope will take home the Guinness Book of World Records title for the most expensively decorated Christmas tree.  The artificial tree, which stands more than forty feet tall, is quite a site to behold with more than one hundred and eighty pieces of fine jewelry hanging from its branches.

The outrageously blinged out tree contains diamond necklaces and earring sets, pearl necklaces and ruby and emerald bracelets.  The most expensive jewel on the incredible tree carries a price tag of nearly one million dollars and the estimated total for the fine jewelry decorations is close to eleven million dollars.

The Emirates Palace already holds one Guinness record for the most expensive alcohol shot at two thousand dollars, but is facing a bit of close competition on this particular record.  There is reportedly a completely decked out Christmas tree in Japan with an estimated total value of just under eleven million dollars, which should serve as further proof that diamonds are certainly back in 2010.

Though the tree at the Emirates Palace is certainly stunning, the use of so many pieces of fine jewelry containing naturally mined diamonds certainly makes it a one of a kind.  It would be nice to possibly see an exact replication made here in the United States using a much more affordable and accessible stone like cubic zirconia.

Friday, January 18, 2013

CZ Stones and Lab created gems are equal in Quality?

Is it CZ Stones and Lab created gems are equal in Quality?
The answer is no, in fact, Not all cubic zirconia or lab created gems are the equal. Huge variations in quality are possible depending on how the cz gems are produced. Low-quality production methods can produce lab gems quickly and cheaply, often for under a dollar per carat;  but their quality, appearance and durability suffer greatly. Unlike their inferior counterparts, high-quality cubic zirconia and lab gems are created using superior base materials under exacting and time consuming laboratory conditions. While the cost of these high-quality synthetic gems may be higher, they are indistinguishable from the real McCoy without the aid of expert testing. Retail sellers may charge as much as several hundred dollars per carat for superior-quality cubic zirconia and lab gems; however, savvy cz buyers know they can purchase the same exquisitely created cubic zirconia gems from reputable online cz wholesalers like FU RONG Gems for a mere fraction of their retail cost.
Lab Created Ruby(Corundum) Stones
Loose cubic zirconia and lab created gems are created in the laboratory using two basic methods, either melt growth or solution growth. Melt growth is inexpensive but creates very low quality crystals. Melt growth is used to create the cheap synthetic gems used in class rings and discount store jewelry. Melt growth crystals lack fire and brilliance and have a “dead” look like a piece of colored glass.

Superior solution growth lab gems are more often created using the flux method, the method used to create the high quality cubic zirconia and lab gems sold online at www.frgems.com. Cubic zirconia, lab ruby, lab sapphire and synthetic alexandrite crystals are formed in supersaturated chemical baths. The flux method used to create the loose lab gems sold by FU RONG GEMS produces the world’s highest quality cubic zirconia and lab gems. These manmade gems are virtually indistinguishable from Mother Nature’s own creations without the aid of a microscopic inspection and examination by a qualified expert.

In fact, high quality lab created gems like lab rubies and lab blue sapphires are created using the exact same chemical composition used by Mother Nature. FU RONG GEMS lab rubies and lab sapphires are created in the lab from synthetic corundum, just as nature creates these gems from naturally occurring corundum. Superior production techniques allow these lab created gems to be cut and polished exactly like natural gems and diamonds.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Pink Color diamond Gems is one of the world’s most desirable gems

Pink Color diamond Gems is one of the world’s most desirable gems
Sotheby’s announced earlier this week that an upcoming auction will feature what has been referred to as one of the world’s most desirable gems.  The ultra rare pink diamond is nearly twenty five carats and is estimated by auctioneers to bring anywhere from 27 to almost forty million dollars at the November 16th auction.

Natural colored diamonds are rare to begin with, but finding a pink diamond this large, that is of such high quality is bordering on the impossible.  According to Sotheby’s, colored diamonds like the Fancy Intense Pink diamond that will be sold on November 16th are among the most sought after gems in auctions today.

Though a nearly 25k pink diamond would surely make a girl feel like a princess, forty million dollars is quite a bit more than even most celebrities could afford.  Thankfully, you don’t need forty million dollars to put together the perfect set of fashion accessories.

Loose cubic zirconia comes in a wide array of beautiful colors, including pink, and can be placed in any high quality setting to create the most incredible fine jewelry.  Unlike naturally mined stones, lab created cz is always optically flawless and inclusion free so every piece of cz jewelry is as beautiful as possible.

Pink cz can be created just as easily as any other color of lab gem, there is never an issue of the rarity of a cz stone driving the price up to outlandish levels.  Pink, white, aqua and lavender cz are all readily available and much more affordable than their naturally mined counterparts.  Pink, blue and green diamonds are taking the auction world by storm and selling for some unprecedented amounts.  If you want to get the very same look of these colored diamonds, without the same price tag you need to look at a retailer that stocks cubic zirconia.

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