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Synthetic Blue Sapphire Tapered Shape Faceted Gemstones wholesale from China Suppliers

Synthetic Blue Sapphire Tapered Shape Faceted Gemstones wholesale from China Suppliers

What's Synthetic Blue Sapphire Gemstones?

Synthetic Blue sapphire stones is made of Corundum stones

The creation of synthetic sapphires followed the discovery of synthetic forms of corundum and the introduction of synthetic rubies in the late 1800’s. Both rubies and sapphires form from varieties of corundum, which is why there are no true red sapphires (although shades of pink sapphires exist, and are quite rare and valuable).

Since their first uses in the industrial market, synthetic sapphires have been created in various gem labs as a less expensive and more easily duplicated alternative to naturally formed sapphires.

The following picture is the Tapered Shape Faceted Synthetic Blue Sapphire gemstones:

Tapered Banquette A tapered baguette is a trapezoid shape one end is narrower. It is very similar to the standard Banquette except for one end is narrower than the other. It can be worn with narrow end up or down depending on the piece. The Tapered banquette Cut is very attractive on someone with short fingers and a small hand. and it's popular in setting of ring and watches. 

Besides, FU RONG GEMS supply Lab grown Blue sapphire, Nano Crystal sapphire blue color, Glass sapphire blue color gemstones. 

Contact us today to get high quality of Synthetic Blue Sapphire Tapered Shape Faceted Gemstones from China Suppliers. 

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