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Loose Cubic Zirconia white AAAAA top quality stones wholesale

Cubic Zirconia White Color Round AAAAA Quality: (Highest Quality)

Loose White cz Color Gemstones is an excellent substitute for diamond.

CZ has all the sparkle of a natural diamond at a fraction of the cost.

White cubic zirconia stones are graded for quality.These resemble genuine diamonds.Usually,they are graded as A, AAA, and AAAAA with cubic zirconia AAAAA being the highest grade on the CZ Market.
CZ AAA stones are the most popular among jewelry stores because they still offer great quality at affordable prices.

At Fu Rong Gems, you can Buy White CZ Loose Stones With Quality Grades A to Top Grade Quality AAAAA at Wholesale Direct Factory prices from the Real China Professional Manufacturer and Supplier.

The Following are the Normal/Standard sizes for each cuts/shapes of 5A Quality Stones For your Reference:

1.0mm 1.20mm 1.25mm 1.30mm 1.35mm 1.40mm
1.45mm 1.50mm 1.65mm 1.75mm 1.85mm 2.00mm
2.15mm 2.25mm 2.35mm 2.45mm 2.50mm 2.65mm
2.75mm 2.85mm 3.00mm 3.25mm 3.50mm 3.75mm
4.00mm 4.25mm 4.50mm 4.75mm 5.00mm 5.25mm
5.50mm 5.75mm 6.00mm 6.50mm 7.00mm 7.50mm
8.00mm 8.50mm 9.00mm 9.50mm 10.00mm 11.00mm
12.00mm 13.00mm 14.00mm 15.00mm 16.00mm 17.00mm
18.00mm 19.00mm 20.00mm


2×2mm 2.5×2.5mm 3×3mm 3.5×3.5mm 4×4mm 5×5mm
6×6mm 7×7mm 8×8mm 9×9mm 10×10mm 11×11mm
12×12mm 13×13mm 14×14mm 15×15mm 16×16mm 17×17mm
18×18mm 19×19mm 20×20mm

Oval and Pear:
3×5mm 4×6mm 5×7mm 6×8mm 7×9mm 8×10mm
9×11mm 10×12mm 10×14mm 12×16mm 13×18mm 15×20mm

Marquise:2×4mm 2.5×5mm 3×6mm 3.5×7mm 4×8mm 5×10mm
6×12mm 7×14mm 8×20mm 7×24mm 6×18mm 7×12mm

Baguette and Octagon:
2×4mm 2.5×5mm 3×5mm 3×6mm 4×6mm 4×8mm
5×7mm 6×8mm 7×9mm 8×10mm 9×11mm 8×20mm
5×20mm 10×12mm 10×14mm 10×16mm 12×16mm 13×18mm 15×20mm 16×22mm 12×20mm 15×22mm 16×20mm 9×16mm

Heart ; Triangle; Trillion:
3×3mm 4×4mm 5×5mm 6×6mm 7×7mm 8×8mm

9×9mm 10×10mm 11×11mm 12×12mm 13×13mm 14×14mm

15×15mm 16×16mm 17×17mm 18×18mm 19×19mm 20×20mm

Beads and Balls:

3.00mm 4.00mm 5.00mm 6.00mm 7.00mm 8.00mm

9.00mm 10.00mm 11.00mm 12.00mm


5×5mm 6×6mm 7×7mm 8×8mm 10×10mm 12×12mm

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