China Wuzhou City Landmark -Gemstone diamond Tower -Mingzhu Tower

 Gemstone diamond Tower -Mingzhu Tower


Wuzhou City-MingZhu-diamond tower-Gemstone Tower

This Tower was built on the Mountain of Baiyun mountain in Wuzhou CIty, Guangxi Province of China.  With 128.77 meter high.  and Set with a big 'diamond gemstone'.  It's beautiful and attractive with the colorful lights at Night. 

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Wuzhou City,on the border between Guangxi and Guangdong Provinces, is renowned for its synthetic stone processing. Its production capacity accounts for 85% of China's and 60% of the world's consumption. 

Within 20 years, with the support of both government and citizens, the industry, which used to consist of importing materials for home factory processing, has now developed into the third top industry in Wuzhou, which is honoured as the "World Capital of Synthetic gemstones."

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