The Gemstones in Splendor (board game) can be made in Glass Gemstones Splendor (board game) gemstones wholesale

Splendor is a multiplayer board game designed by Marc André and first published 2014 by Space Cowboy. 

Players are gem merchants of the Renaissance buying gem mines, transportation, and shops. The game was nominated for the 2014 Spiel des Jahres (Game of the Year).[1][2]

And there're 5 shapes of symbolize precious gems in this game,

In this game, you have seven of each of the following gems :

-          Ruby shaped as octangle
-          Saphire shaped as oval
-          Emerald shaped as emerald
-          Diamond shaped as round
-          Onyx shaped as Octagon.
Splendor Board Game

symbolize precious gems


and Now we can offer you a great option to exchange them for hardened glass gemstones. instead of buying these symbolize precious gems at a very high money.
-          Ruby shaped as octangle
-          Saphire shaped as oval
-          Emerald shaped as emerald
-          Diamond shaped as round
-          Onyx shaped as Octagon.

We offer you a set of Glass Gemstone as following:
23x23mm Square In Golden Color8 pcs
23x23mm Square In Red Color 8 pcs
23x23mm Trillion In White8 pcs
18x25mm Oval Blue Sapphire8 pcs
18x25mm Emerald Green Emerald Cut: 8 pcs
18x25mm Octgon Shape in Coffee Brown8 pcs

Unit price of a set : US$ 28 (Total 48 pcs)

And there are 2 kinds of gemstones:
1. Transparent glass stones, without silver foiled back.

2. With silver foiled back glass stones, they look more brilliant than transparent glass stones. 

The following picture one: with silver foiled back.
Splendor-Board-Game-symbolize precious-glass-Gemstones
The following picture one is transparent ones: without silver foiled back.

And also the Round diamond cut in Clear color available. 

Contact us today to get a set of The Gemstones in Splendor (board game) for a gift to your friends..

Or, we can make them in Loose Cubic Zirconia Gemstones, which it's brilliant as the real diamond stones. 
Contact us to buy it if you're interest in buy it.

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