Friday, September 17, 2010

AAAAA Quality CZ Stones is the Best Diamond Simulant

How much like a diamond is cubic zirconia?
AAAAA Cubic zirconia is the best diamond simulant in the world. It is very hard or may be impossible to tell apart from a natural flawless diamond by site alone. Some sources say that jewellers can tell by white flashes in the diamond compared to more colourful flashes in the CZ, but other sources say that in controlled experiments experts were not able to pick out a diamond from a number of cubic zirconia. Another source claims an expert could not tell the difference between a CZ replica of a famous flawless diamond and the real thing.

The problem is there are different qualities of CZ and the poor quality CZ's can be very poor, looking nothing like a diamond, this gives CZ a bad reputation. Other CZ stones are better quality but poorly cut or polished. It is not fair to judge Diamond CZ by one of these inferior stones. In a controlled test to see if an expert could pick out a diamond from a number of CZ's then the cz stones used would be top quality and cut the same as the diamond. The stones I sell are the best quality and the best cut, when buying a CZ as a diamond simulant you should choose these stones.

I think that identifying a CZ would normally be done by guess work, a CZ is nearly always D white and flawless. A D White flawless stone is rare and very expensive, so unlikely to be a natural diamond, especially if set in a cheap ring. So as soon as one is seen, it would be suspected to be CZ. But, if the stone had flaws and sparkles like a diamond, then it is most likely to be a diamond. We now sell colour G-I CZ, so you can no longer suspect only colour D diamonds.

All our Cubic Zirconia is cut and polished to the kind of standard you would expect a diamond to be cut and polished. Diamonds are cut by hand (with a machine) and so are most of our cz's, this makes them look more natural, but also means if you buy 2 they may not match exactly. Our round cz's that are under 5mm are purely machine cut and our hearts and arrows cut stones are cut by a different machine which cuts them to perfection.

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