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7th Wuzhou International Gem Festival will be open solemnly in Guangxi Wuzhou on October 29-November 1. Its press conference was held in Nanning by the Secretariat of CAEXPO, Wuzhou Municiple Government and Gems & Jewelry Trade Association of China in which Huang Yuan, Vice Secretary in General addressed and Wang Kai, Mayor of Wuzhou introduced the development of artificial gems in Wuzhou as well as promoted various activities of the 7th Wuzhou International Gem Festival. Theme at "Green city of waters, Business hub of hundred years", this year's Gem Festival not only remains the opening ceremony, Xijiang River Economic Development Forum, the theme gala, project promotion conferences, project signing ceremonies, ground-breaking and operating ceremonies of major projects, skill competition of gem processing and designing, gems & jewelry sales exhibition, but adds new activities such as China Artificial Gem Joint Meeting, China-Korea Cultural & Arts Exhibition, talent affair for gem industry, touring carnival, Wuzhou brand products exhibition, which describe a dynamic and charming city of Wuzhou from multi-angles.
Embracing Golden Waterway of Xijiang River, located at the confluence of Zhujiang Delta Economic Circle, Great Southwest Economic Circle and Xijiang River Economic Belt, Wuzhou enjoys a name of "water gateway of Xijiang River", and has well-founded industries and abundant natural resources, whose embrace of 3 rivers and attractive landscape has won her the title of China Excellent Tourist City.
With 20 plus years' support and careful cultivation, the artificial gem industry in Wuzhou has thrived and become the hub of world artificial gem industry in production and processing, trade, research and development, quality inspection and technical certification. What worth mentioning is, Wuzhou Artificial Gem Quality Inspection Standard is the world first in formulating artificial gem standards in specification and quality, which leads artificial gem production to gradual standardization, and establishes the name of Wuzhou artificial gems in the international market. Presently, people and enterprises involved in the industry in Wuzhou have respectively reached 120,000 and over 500, bringing an annual production value of about 2.5 billion yuan. Gem production in Wuzhou accounts for 80% in the country and 70% in the world. Its market has expanded beyond China to Thailand, India, the United States, Italy, Mexico and Russia.

To expedite the development of artificial gem industry, since 2004, Wuzhou Municiple Party Committee and the Municiple Government have decided to hold Wuzhou International Gem Festival annually, which, up to now, has been done successfully for 6 years and has boosted the industry tremendously. Each festival attracted more than 1000 guests and merchants from home and abroad such as the United States, Russia, German, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. It is estimated that in the 6 festivals, 305 signed projects have been fulfilled with contract amount totaling around 20 billion Yuan, whereas trade turnover of artificial gems and relative products has reached 2.086 billion Yuan, effectively propelling the development of world artificial gem industry. At the 5th festival, Wuzhou initiated Xijiang River Economic Development Forum at which 6 mayors along the River gathered in Wuzhou, discussed in depth on the development and utilization of Xijiang River and signed Wuzhou Consensus declaring their cooperation in developing economy along Xijiang River, initiating the cooperation of golden waterway basin of Xijiang River.
Now relying on Xijiang golden waterway, Wuzhou is working on cultivating Xijiang River Economic Belt, well developing industries, city construction, trade and tourism, achieving the national titles of "City of Forests", "City of Gardens" and "Garden City", speeding up the construction of a regional hub city, a central city at the golden waterway of Xijiang River and the industry-shift demonstration base so as to advance the development of the hundred-year business hub in a scientific way. Under this background, the 7th Wuzhou International Gem Festival is of special mission and significance, which will be an international event to further advance Wuzhou artificial gem industry and also a stage to highlight the hundred-year business hub seizing the opportunity and winning initiatives when facing a new historical chance.
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