Loose Cubic Zirconia Drilled Gemstones Faceted Baguette Stones China Wholesale and Supplier

Cubic Zirconia Beads! Fabulously sparkly CZ beads China Wholesale and Supplier.CZ Amethyst Baguette Beads China Wholesale and Supplier
Cubic Zirconia Drilled Gems - 16 mm Faceted Baquette - Amethyst
(1) Faceted CZ beads. Pointed back,drilled gemstone. Long slender stone. 5mm x 16mm x 4mm Hole size is approx. 20 ga - takes up to heavy softflex. Hole is front to back.
Measurements: 5mm x 16mm x 4mm
Color: Amethyst, Garnet,Yellow
Material: Cubic Zirconia
Shape or Style: Baguette
Place of Origin: China Wuzhou
CZ_Baguette_Beads_China_Wholesale CZ_Baguette_Garnet_Color_Beads CZ_Yellow_Color_Baguette_Beads_China_Wholesale
Contact us for your Your Idear Loose CZ Stones,Loose Cubic Zirconia Faceted Baguette Beads With Holes from China Wuzhou Supplier and Manufacturer.

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