Tips to care your Cubic Zirconia stones Jewelry

Caring Tips for Cubic Zirconia from China WuZhou FU RONG GEMS:
Cubic zirconia is a man-made crystalline gemstone with almost no flaws. Jewellery made of cubic zirconia is a great alternative for diamond jewellery which can often be prohibitively expensive. Cubic zirconia jewellery is affordable but it's also precious and deserves to be cared for. Try some of the following tips to keep your cubic zirconia jewellery sparkly for years to come.
Keep it away from lotions and oils: Chemicals in oils, lotions, perfumes, and sprays rob cubic zirconia of its dazzle. When using these products, take the jewellery off and wear it again once you're done! Sweat and dirt also have a tarnishing effect on cubic zirconia so avoid wearing cubic zirconia jewellery when you're exercising or gardening.
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Avoid chlorine, bleach, and ammonia: These common cleaning products have a dulling effect on cubic zirconia. Wear protective gloves if your chores involve working with any of the above, and take cubic zirconia jewellery off when swimming. Cleaning cubic zirconia: Despite your best efforts, any type of jewellery (cubic zirconia included) will get tarnished over time and must be cleaned to restore its original lustre. Try the following effective tips:

Liquid detergent or toothpaste: Polish your cubic zirconia jewellery with a toothbrush and a small amount of detergent or toothpaste. Do not use water and gently scrub for about 10 minutes. This will make the stone (as well as the metal it is set in) shine like its brand new!

Steam and cleaning solutions: Use jewellery cleaning solution or steam and a soft flannel/cotton cloth to polish your cubic zirconia jewellery. Be firm but gentle and do not use circular motions.

Water and soap: If nothing else, good old soap and lukewarm water should also be able to remove dirt and grime from your cubic zirconia jewellery. You could also soak jewellery overnight in a soapy solution to get rid of especially tough grime. How often to clean cubic zirconia jewellery: Clean your jewellery at least once a month and also consider having it cleaned professionally. It's worth the small fee.
How to store cubic zirconia jewelry: Cubic zirconia jewellery becomes lacklustre with wear and tear. To retain the dazzle of the stone, set aside some rings, earrings, pendants, and necklaces for everyday use and others for special occasion wear. Use an airtight container (a plastic bag is fine) to store your special occasion cubic zirconia jewellery and keep it protected and lustrous.

Cubic zirconia jewellery does not scratch or get damaged easily but it does need regular TLC! Use some of the tips above and you will enjoy your cubic zirconia jewellery for many years.
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  1. Using toothpastes may be a very powerful solution to bring the shine back in a zirconia set, but the toothbrush can be too harsh. Using the tips of your fingers to scrub the surface can be gentle and effective enough.