The Tips for Men's Jewelry Styling in 2012

The Tips for Men's Jewelry Styling in 2012-
Many Jewellers thought than men should keep things as simple as possible when it comes to jewellery.
But,I say drop-out and get your fashion education elsewhere!

Although men are typically limited to a watch, ring, bracelet and necklace, they should take advantage of accessorizing their attire in order to maximize not only their fashionable credibility, but their individuality.

Jonny Depp is a fantastic fashion muse - especially when it come to bejeweling his more formal looks. A maverick of style, he can always be spotted wearing substantially more jewellery than his red carpet contemporaries. Not to mention pieces that go beyond the simple silver band (which is what most men feel comfortable only wearing).

Not that I want to discourage wearing a simple band - this is an area in itself where men have the advantage of being able to play with various types of metal in a way that their female counterparts cant.

From the lustrous sheen of Cobalt to the eternal glimmer of titanium, the genetic advantage of larger handed males means that they can experiment with harsher toned alloys more easily.  Where as woman are more suited to the glamorous look of lighter metals - silver and gold.

A man should be advised that a plain band, of gold, silver, or platinum, is the most safe choice available.
However, never shy away from the depth a sapphire can bring to a pair of cufflinks or the richness a ruby adds to a silver band.  Precious stones and gems are unmistakably eye-catching and perhaps one of the most sophisticated ways a man can stylishly upgrade and individualize his look.

The single most important rule to follow is simply to make sure that the stones compliment the outfit, not distract from it or override it.  The focus of a formal outfit is the suit, and everything else – the tie, the belt, the shoes, the pocket square, the jewellery – everything, is designed to compliment the suit.

So if your suit has a slight maroon sheen to it, look for jewellery that will mimic this colour and draw attention to it.  Cuff-links with a deep maroon gem will enhance the colour of your suit in the most subtle but spectacular of ways and heighten your over-all visual charm.

Make sure to look for accessories that work in with your suit, supporting your attire - and not the other way around.

A general rule of dressing says to match metal to metal.

That means that if your belt buckle is silver, so should be your cuff links, tie clip, and anything else that has a metal base.  If your choose add a colour to your look via your jewellery, make sure, this too matches. For example, choose to highlight a colour that is already in the weave of your suit, in your tie or shirt.

Yet, as mentioned at the beginning of this article - the rules of fashion are absolutely allowed to be broken - they are simply a safe guideline to make sure you get the basics right.

So if you wear an heirloom silver watch, please do experiment and feel free to wear brass buckles.  Or if your is gold, you are still able to accessorize with silver cuffs.

One item can always be of a different metal/tone, for example wear your gold band, silver cuffs, silver belt and silver watch - but always maximize on one metal so not to look to disjointed in your jewellery choices.

Another rule says not to wear gold after dark (nor button-down collars, nor brown shoes, for that matter). This is good to keep in mind when dressing for the night-life, and again, it is a good suggestion rather than a cardinal law.

Rules aside, the modern man is more appropriately dressed if he accessorizes himself.
The key things he should remember is that moderation and subtlety are the keys to completing a classic, formal, well-put-together look.  The best part of a good suit is often the suit itself, but proper accessories, worn correctly, can turn a good suit into a great suit.
And never be afraid to stand out or shine via the richness of Loose Cubic Zirconia stones, Synthetic sapphire or Lab Created ruby encrusted jewelry!  They can make all the difference in the world when it comes to being a fashionable mundane man of style or a maverick!

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  1. The style of the man is really superb with the men's jewelry and I can't wait to copy the style. I think every boy wants to try this after reading this post and see the picture. By the way, I was seeking forward to know about this type of style with men's jewelry. Thank you so much!