Pink Color diamond Gems is one of the world’s most desirable gems

Pink Color diamond Gems is one of the world’s most desirable gems
Sotheby’s announced earlier this week that an upcoming auction will feature what has been referred to as one of the world’s most desirable gems.  The ultra rare pink diamond is nearly twenty five carats and is estimated by auctioneers to bring anywhere from 27 to almost forty million dollars at the November 16th auction.

Natural colored diamonds are rare to begin with, but finding a pink diamond this large, that is of such high quality is bordering on the impossible.  According to Sotheby’s, colored diamonds like the Fancy Intense Pink diamond that will be sold on November 16th are among the most sought after gems in auctions today.

Though a nearly 25k pink diamond would surely make a girl feel like a princess, forty million dollars is quite a bit more than even most celebrities could afford.  Thankfully, you don’t need forty million dollars to put together the perfect set of fashion accessories.

Loose cubic zirconia comes in a wide array of beautiful colors, including pink, and can be placed in any high quality setting to create the most incredible fine jewelry.  Unlike naturally mined stones, lab created cz is always optically flawless and inclusion free so every piece of cz jewelry is as beautiful as possible.

Pink cz can be created just as easily as any other color of lab gem, there is never an issue of the rarity of a cz stone driving the price up to outlandish levels.  Pink, white, aqua and lavender cz are all readily available and much more affordable than their naturally mined counterparts.  Pink, blue and green diamonds are taking the auction world by storm and selling for some unprecedented amounts.  If you want to get the very same look of these colored diamonds, without the same price tag you need to look at a retailer that stocks cubic zirconia.

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