The Emirates Palace decorated with Cubic zirconia stones

Wholesale cubic zirconia has all of the visual properties of a flawless, naturally mined diamond but costs only a fraction of the price.  Because cz stones is created in a controlled lab environment, each piece is free of inclusions and perfect to replace natural diamonds in fine jewelry (or on Christmas trees) in order to maintain quality while keeping the price affordable.
The Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi has unveiled what they hope will take home the Guinness Book of World Records title for the most expensively decorated Christmas tree.  The artificial tree, which stands more than forty feet tall, is quite a site to behold with more than one hundred and eighty pieces of fine jewelry hanging from its branches.

The outrageously blinged out tree contains diamond necklaces and earring sets, pearl necklaces and ruby and emerald bracelets.  The most expensive jewel on the incredible tree carries a price tag of nearly one million dollars and the estimated total for the fine jewelry decorations is close to eleven million dollars.

The Emirates Palace already holds one Guinness record for the most expensive alcohol shot at two thousand dollars, but is facing a bit of close competition on this particular record.  There is reportedly a completely decked out Christmas tree in Japan with an estimated total value of just under eleven million dollars, which should serve as further proof that diamonds are certainly back in 2010.

Though the tree at the Emirates Palace is certainly stunning, the use of so many pieces of fine jewelry containing naturally mined diamonds certainly makes it a one of a kind.  It would be nice to possibly see an exact replication made here in the United States using a much more affordable and accessible stone like cubic zirconia.

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