Cubic Zirconia Stones are Safer Than Natural Gemstones

CZ’s Are Safer Than Natural Gemstones
Dallas police are on the hunt for suspects that pulled up to a jeweler with handguns drawn at the Hilton Anatole this past week.  The Dallas Morning News reported on December 6, 2012 that the armed men got away with the jewelers cell phone, laptop computer, and a whopping $700,000 in unspecified gemstones!   This theft comes on the heels of another jewelry heist which also occurred in Dallas in a hotel parking lot.  Reports are that three thieves brandishing a knife and gun took another jewelers goods which totaled $54,000 at the end of November.

Cubic Zirconia Stones are Safer Than Natural Gemstones
Obviously the broad-daylight robberies are worrisome to police.  The first jeweler traveled to Dallas from Hong Kong and the second traveled to Dallas from Germany.  Police are speculating that the robbers could have followed the men from their homes and robbed them once they arrived in Dallas.

Natural gemstones may be considered to be hot commodities, but not worth risking your life over.  Perhaps the jewelers would consider switching their inventory to selling cubic zirconia gemstones instead.  Jewelry made with CZ and lab created gemstones are also a hot ticket as they are in high demand among cash strapped consumers throughout the entire United States.

Being that they look nearly identical to their natural counterparts, Loose CZ gemstones would surely fool would-be robbers into believing that they have the real deal.  Can you imagine the fun of watching CZ gemstones being sold on the black market by thieves?  Despite their beauty and elegance, the thieves will likely get knocked upside the head for their stealing mishap!
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