Loose Cubic Zirconia stones Jewelry Makes Old Styles Desirable Again

The delightful song “Everything Old Is New Again” comes to mind every time I see antique inspired jewelry pieces that are adorned with stunning loose cubic zirconia stones or lab created gems.
Blue Sapphire Lab Created Gemstones
Blue Sapphire Lab Created Gemstones

Jewelry designers and manufacturers can create heirloom quality loose cubic zirconia engagement rings with matching earrings by using our loose cubic zirconia wholesale stones which are available in a variety of different sizes. For a special twist, colored cubic zirconia stones, such as Tanzanite, pink, emeralds, amethyst, or citrine stones or lab created gems like rubies or sapphires can be joined together with loose cubic zirconia stones for a truly spectacular antique jewelry creation.  Antique jewelry allows for the opportunity of unique architecture to be showcased by using different metal varieties which are sure to make brilliant jewelry pieces.

Pink loose cubic zirconia stones used as a center stone or side stones set in rose gold or gold settings create an antique look with an upscale feel.  Casual vintage rings created with an octagon loose cubic zirconia center stone, alongside a colored loose cubic zirconia stone, has proven to be a big hit among jewelry connoisseurs.   Jewelry makers and designers could also choose to use a large colored loose cubic zirconia stone as a center stone with smaller loose cubic zirconia stones in a three stone setting, channel setting, or with cubic zirconia flowers and blooms along the engagement ring band.

FU RONG GEMS has many colors of loose cubic zirconia stones that are available in a variety of different shapes and colors.  Our beautiful hues make creating heirloom quality engagement rings easy and our wholesale loose cubic zirconia prices can be passed along to customers making jewelry affordable to all.  Stop by our website to see our incredible selection.

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