Lab Created Gem Rubies stones China Wholesale and Supplier

Lab Created Gem Rubies stones China Wholesale and Supplier
Jewelry customers that are not well-versed in gemstones may be surprised to learn that despite their varied looks, rubies and sapphires belong to the same gemstone species…corundum.  For gemstones to receive the beautiful red of the rubies, they must have trace elements of chromium.  Lab Created Sapphires stones on the other hand are known be in a rainbow of colors, but the titanium and iron that is found in certain sapphires is why they are the gorgeous blue that everyone adores.

In order to produce beautiful red rubies in a laboratory, a particular mix of minerals must be placed together.  There are two different types of rubies that are created in a laboratory.  Each type of ruby uses a different method of processing in order to create the red ruby crystals.

Both types of processes use the same basic type of minerals to produce the lab created gem rubies.  The flame fusion method is a faster way of creating rubies.  These rubies are grown over several hours and are used for costume jewelry, beads, and decorations.  Flux growth is a process of growing lab created gem rubies which can take up to six months to complete.  The quality of the gemstones is very close to those that are naturally created.

Lab created gem rubies are often brighter and have no inclusions unlike natural gems that are mined from the earth.  Lab created gem rubies are often sought out by jewelry customers as they prefer the brightness and shine of lab created gemstones to the dullness of naturally created gems.

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