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Cubic Zirconia aqua swiss blue Colord CZ Marquise Gemstones China Suppliers


Quick Details
Brand Name: FU RONG GEMS
Place of Origin: Guangxi, China (Mainland)
Gemstone Type: Synthetic (lab created)
Gemstone Color: Aquamarine blue
Gemstone Material: Cubic Zirconia
Gemstone Shape: Marquise Cut
Gemstone Size: 14*7mm, other sizes are available. 
Treatments Applied: Waxing/oiling
Optical Special Effects: Polishing
Name: Good polish marquise aquamarine colored cubic zirconia
Application: Ring, earrings, necklace, bracelet, fashion jewelry, watch
Size: 2*4, 2.5*5, 3*6, 4*8, 5*10, 6*12, 7*14, 8*16, 9*18, 10*20mm
Rugular shape: Round, heart, oval, marquise, cushion, pricess, pear, radiant
Quality: AAA
Remark: Sample order or trial order is welcomed.

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