Swiss blue Natural Topaz Round Firework cut Gemstones China Suppliers and wholesale

Swiss blue Natural topaz Firework cut Gemstones China wholesale and Suppliers
What is Swiss Blue Topaz gemstone?
There are commonly three colors of blue topaz on the market today. Sky blue topazSwiss blue topaz and London blue topaz.. All of the colors are produced using a combination of heat treatment along with various kinds of irradiating processes. The color is permanent and will not fade.

Sky blue is a light blue color similar the color of the mid afternoon sky on a clear day. This colors in the same color range as most aquamarines and is often used as a less expensive substitute for aquamarine.

Swiss blue is the most expensive blue topaz color and its nearly the same as sky blue only slightly darker.

London blue is the darkest of the three but very slightly greenish blue in hue.

Sky blue and Swiss blue colors don’t have any greenish components.

Where to buy the Swiss blue Natural topaz Gemstones?
You're come to the right place, we supply high quality of Swiss blue Natural topaz Gemstones wholesale at factory direct prices from China suppliers and wholesalers.

The following pictures are Swiss blue Natural topaz Firework-cut Gemstones:


Material: Natural topaz
Quality Provide: A and 2A 
Shapes:  We can make the Swiss blue Natural topaz gemstones in oval, round, Rectangle..etc. 
Size: as per you requested. 
Color: London blue
Samples: Sample in stock can be sent for free
Payment:Paypal, T/T, Western Union.
Shipment: DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, Aramex, EMS and more

We can make Swiss blue Natural Topaz gemstones in Round, Oval, pear, fancy shapes..

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Cubic Zirconia Firework cutting video: 
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Contact us today, to get the high quality of Swiss blue Natural topaz Firework-cut Gemstones wholesale at factory direct pricing from china suppliers for your jewelry designs.

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