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Glass Sapphire Blue Emerald Green Ruby Red Color Gemstones China wholesale and suppliers

Sapphire Blue, Emerald Green and Ruby Red Gemstones are one of most popular color for the jewelry designs.
Natural Blue Sapphire, Emerald Green and Ruby Red Gemstones are very expensive, and rare to find the rough to make the gemstones.

Synthetic Blue Sapphire, Lab Created Emerald Green and Synthetic Ruby Red Gemstones are one of best alternative to replace of Natural Gemstones.

Another cheaper option to use the Glass Gemstones to set your jewelry. Which the colors is similar to the color of Natural or Synthetic Gemstones.

The following are the 3 popular colors for the Glass Gemstones:
Glass Sapphire Blue, Glass Emerald Green and Glass Ruby Red Gemstones:


FU RONG GEMS can make & supply high quality of Glass Sapphire Blue, Glass Emerald Green and Glass Ruby Red Gemstones wholesale directly from China Supplier and Manufacturers.

Our Advantage:
Factory direct pricing:
With many years’ experience in Gemstones market
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