Lab created Hydrothermal Emerald Green gemstones for your jewelry designs

Lab created Hydrothermal Emerald Green gemstones for your jewelry designs 

Emerald green color gemstones is one of most popular color for the jewelry designs.  
Natural emerald green color stones is expensive, 
So, the best alternative is to use
Synthetic emerald green color gemstone ,
The price is much cheaper, it’s affordabale for most of customers.  And 
lab created emerald green stones is one of popular simulation for the genuine emerald green stone.
The color and characteristic is very close to the natural emerald green stone. 
The following pictures are hydrothermal emerald green color stones. 





We can make all shapes and sizes of it. 
Besides, another cheaper option is to use Cubic Zirconia emerald green color stones or nano crystal emerald green color stones.  To make silver or cheaper jewelry.  

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