Beautiful Watermelon Tourmaline Loose Synthetic Simulated Tourmaline color Glass Gemstone for your jewelry designs.

Gemstone Name: Watermelon Tourmaline Loose Synthetic Simulated Tourmaline color Glass Gemstone

Overview of Gemstones
Gemstone Type: Synthetic
Gemstone Material: Glass
Gemstone Color: Simulated Tourmaline colors
Gemstone Shape: Round shape faceted cut or other shapes can be made.
Gemstone Size: 8mm
Gemstone Weight: 2 Carat
Clarity: VS - Clean
Cutting Quality Grade: VG
Polish: VG
Symmetry: Very good
Fluorescence: NO

Treatments Applied: Unheated.
Chemical Formula: Variable SiO2(+Al2O3)
Hardness: 4 to 7
Luster: Vitreous
Transparency: Transparent
Shapes provided: Round,Oval,Marquise, Emerald, Radiant,Cushion..ect..
Quality Guarantee: 30 days return policy.
Place of Origin: China

The following picture is 8x8mm trillion shape faceted cut Watermelon Tourmaline Loose Synthetic Simulated Tourmaline color Glass Gemstone:

And the video:

What's Simulated Tourmaline color Glass Gemstone?
It's made of Glass material. it's a type of Synthetic gemstone.
Natural tourmaline colors are rare, but the glass stones can simulate many beautiful colors. Synthetic tourmaline also called as Watermelon Tourmaline.

Is there fake tourmaline?
Tourmaline itself is so plentiful that it is not synthesized by laboratories. However, just because tourmaline is not lab-created does not mean that fake pink tourmalines do not exist. Glass, plastic, or cheaper gemstones have been sold as counterfeit pink tourmalines.
Where to buy Simulated Tourmaline color synthetic Tourmaline color gemstone?
FU RONG supply high quality of synthetic Tourmaline color gemstone in all kinds of popular shapes & sizes for your jewelry designs, at wholesale price from china suppliers and manufacturer. Contact us to get a free quote.

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