Loose Moissanite D White color Round Jubilee cut 9mm stone wholesale from china Supplier and Manufacturer

Overview of Gemstones:

Gemstone Type: Synthetic (lab created) Gemstone Material: Moissanite Gemstone Color: D White Gemstone Shape: Jubilee cut Gemstone Size: 9.00mm Gemstone Weight: 3 Carat Clarity: VVS Gemstone Quality: Excellent Treatments Applied: Heat Chemical Formula: SIC Hardness: 9.25 Luster: Vitreous Transparency: Transparent Shapes provided: Round,Oval, Marquise,Emerald,Cushion,Etc. Quality Guarantee: 30 days return policy Place of Origin: China What is a jubilee cut diamond/Moissanite? Jubilee Cut-The Jubilee diamond cut is reserved for large diamonds and empowers stones to shine spectacularly. Compared to the 58 facets found on the round brilliants, the Jubilee diamond has a total of 88 facets (sometimes 80). While Jubilee cuts do not have a table, it has instead eight facets on the top which meet at the center, forming a subtle peak. The table comes to a point, making it a hybrid of a rose cut and brilliant cut. In total, it has 88 facets, and when you stare down upon it, the faceting is very reminiscent of a chrysanthemum! This particular diamond is just beautiful beyond belief, with all the facets seeming to twinkle and turn on and off with each movement. The stone is also pretty prismatic - picking up lots of colors from its surroundings.


Besides, we also supply Loose moissanite gemstones in all kind of popular diamond shapes/faceted cuts. 

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