How to tell the Difference Between a Lab grown Diamond and a Natural diamond

Lab grown diamonds are becoming more and more popular for the jewelry designs, 

Can You Tell the Difference Between a Lab Grown Diamond and a Natural Diamond?

At first glance, there’s no way to tell the difference between a lab-made diamond and a natural one. However, there are two small details you could look for.

With a magnifying glass, try to find a tiny laser inscription on the girdle — the widest part of the diamond that forms its outline when you look at it from the top. See if you can read it. Many lab-made diamonds have an inscription that identifies them as lab-made.

Diamonds can also have a lab report number inscribed on the girdle. If you go to the laboratory website, you can enter this number to get the report, which will tell you whether the stone is mined or lab-grown, along with plenty of other information.

If there’s nothing on the girdle, only a major gemological laboratory can tell you whether the diamond is mined or created.

Can a Diamond Tester Detect Lab-Created Diamonds?

Lab-made diamonds have the same thermal and electrical conductivity as mined diamonds. So, they will pass a diamond tester exam.

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