Do you know how are Lab Grown Diamonds made?

How are Lab-Grown Diamonds Made?

There're two processes can create jewelry quality diamonds: HPHT and CVD.

CVD stands for Chemical Vapor Deposition, and it’s not as scary as it sounds. In this process, a mixture of hydrogen and methane gas is placed in a chamber with a seed crystal. Typically, microwave power heats the chamber to a high temperature, which excites the gas. The diamond grows on the seed crystal. 

HPHT stands for High Pressure/High Temperature. This process mimics the way that diamonds grow in nature, subjecting carbon to high temperatures and pressing it together. This costly method requires a lot of energy.

Usually, 0.80mm-4mm Small round faceted Lab grown diamonds are made of HPHT diamond.


Where to buy HPHT and CVD Lab Diamonds?
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With AGL or IGI Certificate.
AGL is a pioneer in the colored gemstone industry and was the first gemological laboratory in the USA to issue country-of-origin reports.

IGI Certificate Diamond:
IGI Stand for International Gemological Laboratories. IGL certificates online verification. The IGL Diamond Certificate provides a reliable and accurate documentation of a diamond's identity and grade based on the internationally recognized diamond grading system.

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