Is it cheap to buy lab grown diamond stones?

Some people feel that lab grown diamonds are inappropriate for an engagement ring because they’re “cheap.” Others say that a diamond is a diamond, whether it came from the ground or a laboratory. Still others prefer lab grown diamonds over mined diamonds for ethical and environmental reasons.

Not too long ago, a majority of consumers considered lab Grown diamonds are“cheap.” However, attitudes are rapidly changing. About ⅔ of people aged 21-40 who are shopping for an engagement ring are now willing to consider lab Grown diamonds. 

Due to natural diamond vendors shock, that’s not too surprising. Lab grown diamonds average about 30-40% of the price of comparable natural ones. Plus, they look the same. With lower prices and guaranteed ethical sourcing, a lab grown diamond is a practical and guilt-free alternative. 


Where to buy lab grown diamond stones?

FU RONG GEMS supply high quality of Lab Created Diamond/CVD or HPHT Diamond/Synthetic Diamond gemstones wholesale at factory direct price from china Suppliers and manufacturers. 
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100% Made in China:
All of the Lab Created Diamond/CVD Diamond/Synthetic Diamond gemstones are made in the China.
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