Lab Grown Diamond VS Natural Diamond VS Moissanite diamond Comparison

Lab grown Diamond and Natural Diamond and Moissanite Diamond, These 3 kinds of stones are popular for jewelry setting, Do you know their difference?


Q: Are lab diamonds real diamonds? A: Although there is some confusion on whether natural diamonds are the same as lab grown diamonds, we're here to inform you that lab diamonds are in fact real diamonds. ... This remarkable lab grown diamond (also known as a synthetic diamond) has the same sparkle, clarity, and aesthetic of an earth mined diamond.

As you can see from the Chart, The Lab grown Diamond have same features as Natural Diamond. 

and Moissanite stones 's characteristic sparkle is more than just a show of beauty - it's a testament to the superior science behind the jewel, boasting more fire, brilliance and luster than any gemstone on earth. This is not merely a sales line, but a scientific and quantifiable fact.

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