Wholesale White D Color Moissanite five point star faceted loose Gemstones from China Suppliers

Loose Moissanite D EF GH color five point star Shape faceted brilliant cut gemstone wholesale at factory price from China Suppliers and Manufacturer.

What's Five Star Shaped Moissanite Gemstones?

The Five Star Shaped cut Gemstones is like the shape of Star in the sky. With Five Pointed. A five-pointed star(☆), geometrically an equilateral concave decagon, is a common ideogram in modern culture.


Is moissanite the same as a lab created diamond?

Lab grown diamonds are from labs. ... Although moissanite has a similar look to Lab Grown diamonds with its white color, brilliant sparkle, and mesmerizing facets, moissanite is not a diamond and in fact, it's not trying to be. Lab-grown moissanite is not a diamond substitute, but rather it is an alternative to diamonds.

Are there different qualities of moissanite?

There are three grades of moissanite available today: colorless (D-E-F range), near-colorless (G-H-I range) and with faint hues of color (J-K range). ... Based on consumer demand on certain online channels, FU RONG GEMS introduced a limited assortment of moissanite jewelry with lab created colored stones.

Where to buy Moissanite five point star faceted loose Gemstones?

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