Loose CZ Stones CZ Gemstones Vs. Conflict Diamonds

Loose CZ Stones CZ Gemstones Vs. Conflict Diamonds
As public awareness has grown about the diamond issues and people learn of the inhumane treatment surrounding the people of Africa, many consumers are shying away from diamonds.  The international diamond industry is taking steps to try to block conflict diamonds from entering mainstream trade, but once the rough diamonds are cut and polished, their place of origin is lost.
Loose CZ Stones Wholesale China
Loose CZ Stones Wholesale China
Reports are that diamond sales have declined in many areas of the world.  Many consumers are taking a stand against the unethical diamond trading practices in war torn areas of Africa by refusing to buy diamonds.  Conflict diamonds or “blood diamonds” are ones that “originate from areas controlled by forces or factions opposed to legitimate and internationally recognized governments, and are used to fund military action in opposition to those governments, or in contravention of the decisions of the Security Council” according to the United Nations.  Rebel forces in war torn areas of Angola, Sierra Leone, and Liberia use rough diamond caches to finance the purchase of arms and other illegal activities. Loose CZ Stones China Wholesale

Gemstone connoisseurs are finding that lab created gemstones and high end cubic zirconia stones are a great alternative to contributing to the world of conflict diamonds.  FU RONG GEMS offers virtually flawless diamond simulants that will put socially aware consumers’ minds at rest while still offering the look of fabulous diamonds.  From small loose CZ stones to dazzling large gems, you’ll find the finest gemstones at cheap wholesale prices at FU RONG GEMS.


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