Loose Cubic Zirconia stones for Artist

One artist uses CZ diamonds in his unique constructions of rusty steel and used concrete to portray the decay of America’s infrastructure. By using found materials from demolished buildings, the artist repurposes what he sees man’s folly into art, giving the materials rebirth in a new perspective. The artist sprinkles his structured statuary with loose CZ diamonds and other lab created gems to emphasize the beauty of rebirth from decay. The concept is surprisingly uplifting, the glittering CZ gems elevating ordinary, mundane materials to the ethereal.Artists are using loose cubic zirconia stones and lab created gems to make a statement in their artwork. Similar to the “green” jewelry movement that uses only lab created gems that do not harm the earth or its citizens, eco art uses manmade rather than natural gems to make a statement about man’s relationship to his environment.
Loose Cubic Zirconia stones White 2mm Round Diamond
The use of created cubic zirconia stones and lab gems allows the artist to create eco-friendly pieces that do no damage to the Earth through invasive mining practices. It ensures that his pieces have not profited unscrupulous war lords nor financed wars of oppression.  The use of simulated gems and diamonds instead of natural ones ensures that no onerous human price has been paid to produce the glitter that adorns his creations. The artist can feel secure that in making his statement about man and the planet he lives on, he has done no further harm to either.
By purchasing wholesale loose CZ stones rather than natural gems to use in the creation of his modern artworks, the artist is able to keep his own costs down and, thereby, the cost of his artwork. In doing so, he allows more people to purchase and enjoy his vision and spread his message.
An increasing number of artists who in other times might have used diamonds and natural gems in their works are now turning to wholesale cubic zirconia and lab created gems, both as a social statement and to make their artwork more affordable to consumers. FU RONG GEMS offers a varied selection of high quality loose CZ and lab created gems at extremely competitive wholesale prices on our website at http://www.frgems.com/. In addition to the highest jewelry quality AAAAA cubic zirconia, artists will also find beautiful CZ stones in AAA and A grades at FU RONG GEMS.

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