The fashion Gemstones styles of Hollywood’s stars

The fashion Gemstones styles of Hollywood's stars
Today we complete our weeklong review of jewelry trends through the ages.
The fashion Gemstones styles of Hollywood’s stars
The fashion Gemstones styles of Hollywood’s stars

The appreciation of nature  popularized in the choice of subject matter and use of organic materials during the Arts and Crafts Movement of the late 1800s became highly idealized during the Art Nouveau period at the turn of the century. Jewelers fashioned flowing natural lines into languorous curves. Highly romanticized designs stylized lithe dreamy beauties, winged birds and sensuously curved botanicals in gold and enamel.
Mass production of cheap enameled jewelry eventually oversaturated the market and Art Nouveau lost its cachet. Diamonds returned to popularity in the 1900s as white jewelry — diamonds and pearls — took center stage. The 1920s paved the way for modern synthetic gemstones with the mass-production of good quality glass gems.

For the first time jewelry designers could work with Lab created gemstones that approximated the real thing. Flashy costume, or cocktail jewelry became de rigueur and was flaunted by influential fashion designers Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli. By the late 1930s Napier had become the foremost producer of cocktail jewelry in the U.S.
In the 1940s and 1950s two things finally put America on the world map as a major jewelry powerhouse. World War II and metal rationing forced the halt of fine jewelry making in Europe. The world turned to America where the design and production of quality costume jewelry was flourishing. Technical advances improved created gem quality, allowing more inventive designs. But it was the influence of American movies that popularized and created a worldwide market for simulated gemstones.

After the war American culture dominated Europe. People on both sides of the Atlantic emulated the fashion styles of Hollywood’s stars. Glamorous jewels swept back into vogue but this time artificial gemstones were as acceptable as real ones — and imminently more affordable. Since Hollywood’s glory days, fabulous fakes have moved in and out of vogue. In with the excesses of 1980s prime time soap operas Dallas and Dynasty. Out in the 1990s when tiny diamante studs ruled. Now glitz and glam has come roaring back with high quality cubic zirconia stones and lab created gems leading the way.

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