Natural green chrome diopside Round 6mm Gemstones for sale from china wholesaler

What's diopside gemstones?

Diopside has been regarded only as a collector's gemstone until recently, when the deep forest-green Chrome Diopside variety has made its way into the mainstream gemstone market. Although its intense green color rivals that of Emerald, its low hardness makes it prone to scratches, thus limiting it from overwhelming the gemstone industry.
Chemical FormulaCaMgSi2O6
ColorGreen, Yellow, Brown, Black
Hardness5 - 6
Crystal SystemMonoclinic
Refractive Index1.665 - 1.730
SG3.3 - 3.5
TransparencyTransparent. Star Diopside is opaque.
Double Refraction0.028
Cleavage1,2 - prismatic. May also exhibit parting in one direction.
Mineral ClassDiopside


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