4C Standards of Moissanite diamond gemstones for wholesale

4C Standards of Moissanite diamond gemstones for wholesale

The Moissanite gemstones are becoming more and more popular in recent years as their hardness, sparkling & brilliant as the real diamond, with a affordable price of the jewelry settings. 

Here're some guidelines for you to purchase the loose Moissanite Diamond Gemstones from the suppliers online or store. 

As the real diamond stones, there're 4C Standards for the Moissanite gemstones:

Moissanite clarity standard is almost the same with the diamond stones:
(2) COLOR 
The Color Grade of Moissanite stone is the same with Diamond stones– D, EF, GH, IJ. 

Moissanite stones normally can be cut as the same way with Diamond gemstones. 

In Diamond equivalent weight. Usually, the Carat weight of moissanite stones is lighter at around 10% than diamond stones, so, moissanite stones are always selling by MM size. 
That all of 4C standards for the Moissanite gemstones. 

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