Moissanit Radiant Crushed Ice Cut GH Color 9x7mm 2.5ct weight loose moissanite stone wholesale from china suppliers and manufacturers.

What's Crushed Ice Cut?
Crushed ice stone, light going into the crown will often bounce all over the place. Sometimes it will reflect three times inside the stone, sometimes it will exit the pavillion instead of the crown. The reason for this is that there are more facets in the pavillion of crushed ice stone, and each pavillion facet has a different angle to it. This is not as efficient as the brilliant because it shoots light in many different directions. Also, the more times light bounces inside the stone, the higher the chance it will exit the pavillion, which means less light return. This mishmash of scrambled light rays is the reason why looking at a crushed ice stone is almost like trying to look through a glass of mohito.

The following picture and video is loose moissanite Radiant Crushed Ice Cut GH Color 9x7mm 2.5ct weight 

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