Rose Cut Cubic Zirconia Pink Color 8mm Round shape CZ Gemstones wholesale from China Suppliers

Rose-Cut-Cubic-Zirconia-Pink-Color-8mm-Round-CZ-Gemstones-wholesale-from-China suppliers and manufacturers. 

What's Rose cut?
A rosecut diamond has a flat bottom, with no pavilion, and a domed top containing only 24 facets. This lack of a pavilion means the cut also lacks the optical properties of a more complex cut which incorporates more than twice the facets and a deep pavilion.
Put simply, the rose cut is only the top section of a typical diamond, without the bottom part.

The following is the Cubic Zirconia Pink Color Rose Cut stone in 8mm Round shape stones:




Sizes can be made from 1.00mm-20mm
Cubic Zirconia Colors:

FU RONG GEMS can supply high quality of Rose cut Cubic Zirconia and Rose Cut synthetic or Natural Gemstones at wholesale factory direct price from China suppliers and manufacturers.
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