Natural-Topaz-Sky-Blue-Emerald-Cut-10x8mm-gemstones wholesale

Natural Topaz Sky Blue Emerald Cut 10x8mm gemstones wholesale from China Suppliers.

What's Sky Blue Topaz Gemstone?

In general, blue topaz is one of the most popular and best value gemstones available today. Topaz is listed as one of the AGTA's official December birthstones and it is the second most popular blue gemstone on the market, next to sapphire. Topaz is one of the hardest gems (8 on the Mohs scale), though its perfect cleavage leaves it vulnerable to hard knocks and blows. Blue topaz is available in a wide range of vivid hues with a striking vitreous luster. The many different colors of blue topaz are often traded under specific varietal trade names such as Sky blue, Swiss blue topaz and London blue topazSwiss blue topaz is one of the more popular of topaz colors, and it lies somewhere between that of light sky blue and deep London blue.
Although it may be the middle of the road when it comes to Swiss blue color, the gemstone itself is far from mediocre. Swiss blue topaz has a beautiful vivid blue color and is considered one of the most desirable colors on earth. The hue of Swiss blue is often compared to the azure of sky blue and the vivid blue of clear ocean water. Swiss blue is brighter than aquamarine, but lighter than electric blue and cobalt blue. Swiss blue topaz is a very affordable gem, even in substantial sizes, which makes it an excellent gemstone option for fashion jewelry designs, particular statement jewelry including large cocktail rings and pendants.

The following picture is Natural Topaz Sky Blue Emerald Cut 10x8mm gemstones:
Natural-Topaz-Sky-Blue-Emerald-Cut-10x8mm-gemstones wholesale

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