Lab Grown Ruby Melee small size 1.00-3.00mm round faceted Gemstones wholesale from China

How many types of Lab Grown Ruby?

There're 3 popular types of Lab Ruby gemstones:

One is hydrothermal Ruby gemstonesIt's made by hydrothermal growth (newest “Platinum” technology) which is slow and only method for successfully growing synthetic ruby. This process requires heat and pressure and imitates the conditions deep in the earth that result in the formation of natural gems. Nutrients are dissolved in a water solution, and then synthetic crystals form as the solution cools to produce a ruby gemstone.

----This type of Ruby is the closest to the Natural Ruby. 

Another type is Czochralslzi-pulled Ruby Stones.

Czochralslzi-pulled synthetic sapphire was origi- nally grown for technological applications, which require pure crystals with good clarity and even color distribution. Consequently, materials origi- nally intended for such applications can be excel- lent candidates for use as gems. Czochralski- pulled synthetic rubies have been known for a number of years.

and another popular is flame fusion Corundum Ruby Stones, which the price is the cheapest one among these 3 type of 'Synthetic Ruby Red' gemstones. 

The flame fusion process of creating synthetic gemstones was perfected in 1902 by a Frenchman named Auguste Verneuil. Also known as the Verneuil Process, this type of synthesis uses an aluminum oxide powder doped with trace elements to create synthetic corundum of various types. It is also used to make synthetic spinel, although not as much nowadays as it is used for corundum.

The following is Czochralslzi-pulled Ruby Red Melee round faceted Gemstones:




Chemical Composition of Czochralslzi-pulled Ruby Stones.: 

Magnesium Aluminium Oxide, (Chromium; minor component)

–   Refractive index: 1.715 – 1.734

–   Material Hardness: 8.4 Moh’s scale.

–   Specific gravity: 3.58

Czochralslzi-pulled Ruby is a birthstone magnificently valued as a sign of love to July born siblings.

Lab Grown Ruby Melee small size Round faceted gemstones are used in jewelry industry to manufacture finely designed pieces of jewelry.

It’s a great pleasure to find out loose lab Grown pulled ruby gemstone comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

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