Wholesale Lab Grown Emerald Green Zambia green Color Cushion faceted cut Gemstone

What's Lab Grown Emerald Green Zambia green Color?

The lab created emeralds that we supply here are made by the hydrothermal process that is why some people also call it hydrothermal emerald. This process uses a water solution at high temperatures and it takes many months to create a top grade synthetic emerald rough. We then use specialist engineers to cut these stones from the roughs to get the best grade lab created emeralds. The synthetic emeralds you find here will have the same chemical composition as the real emeralds.

There're 2 popolar colors for the Lab Created /Hydrothermal Emerald Green Gemstones: 

One is Zambia Green, another is Colombia Green color.

The following is Lab Grown Emerald Green Zambia green Color Cushion faceted cut Gemstone



WHAT WE SUPPLY: Synthetic Emerald in different grades and sizes are available with us. 

Here at FU RONG GEMS – We can cut the lab created emeralds in all shapes and sizes. It is very popular with jewelers as it is used both in silver and gold jewelry.

Now, you can buy High quality of Loose Lab Grown Emerald Gemstone from FU RONG GEMS, Wholesale and the Real Synthetic Emerald Stones Manufacturer who can offer factory direct pricing to meet your budget. Contact us for a free quote. 

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