China annual output of man-made lab grown diamonds is 3 million carats and grow rapidly

Break the monopoly for many years! China annual output of the man-made lab grown diamonds is 3 million carats, and foreign big brands are in a hurry!

Break the monopoly for many years! my country's annual output of man-made diamonds is 3 million carats, and foreign big brands are in a hurry!

"Diamonds are forever, one piece will last forever", known as the most successful advertising slogan in the 20th century, and became a symbol of romantic love.

With the popularity of diamonds, their prices have also risen. The price of a 1-carat diamond is generally between 50,000 and 200,000 yuan. Not long ago, an 11-carat diamond was even sold for a sky-high price of 410 million yuan at Sotheby's in Hong Kong.

The reason why diamonds are expensive is not that they are scarce, but that they are monopolized by consortiums. It is reported that 90% of the world's diamond business is in the hands of the De Beers consortium. In order to pursue huge profits, they make heavy blows from all aspects of mining, processing, identification, sales, etc., and firmly grasp the pricing power.

The key to realizing the "diamond freedom" of ordinary people is to develop production. In the past, in China, where diamond reserves were scarce, this was almost impossible, but with the breakthrough of my country's "man-made diamond" technology, the high-ranking diamonds finally fell into "cabbage prices".


01 A small county in Henan, with an annual output of 4 million carats of diamonds

"There are tens of millions of diamonds in the world, and China's production capacity accounts for half, 90% of which are in Henan." In September this year, "man-made diamonds" in Tuocheng County, Henan Province became popular all over the Internet. Tuocheng County contributed nearly half of the output.

This small county with an area of ​​only 1,085 square kilometers has created a miracle in the world's diamond history and is known as the "capital of man-made diamonds". Behind its miracle, it is inseparable from the breakthrough of my country's artificial diamond technology.

In order to break the monopoly, SINOMACH took 30 years and finally developed the "six-sided capping machine". The diamonds synthesized by this machine are not only of high purity, but the price is only one-third of the international price. According to Bain Consulting data, domestic diamonds will account for more than 85% of the domestic market by 2025, which will save my country tens of billions of dollars.


There are countless examples of breakthroughs in domestic technology, and then through mass production capabilities, to break through price monopoly. Imported caviar, which once sold for 250,000 yuan per spoonful, can now be eaten by Chinese people for less than 200 yuan thanks to the breakthrough in my country's "fully artificially cultured sturgeon" breeding technology. Because it is artificial breeding, it also avoids parasitic infection in the wild environment, and the sanitation is better.

There is also the Nissan "Time Capsule" that once became popular with "one suite a year". The global reagent website Sigma set a sky-high price of 22,253 yuan per gram for "Sealorui" three years ago, but now the price has dropped to less than 500 yuan. According to the product details page, compared with three years ago, the core ingredients of Sailorui not only added additional ingredients such as PQQ, but also dropped more than 90% in price. According to industry insiders: "The breakthrough in domestic raw material production technology has forced foreign products to cut prices."

02 The rise of China's technology leverages foreign markets

Technological breakthroughs are gratifying, but as a consumer product, it can only be called a "win-win" if it is recognized by the market.

After major breakthroughs have been made in production and price of domestic diamonds, they need to face a realistic problem: how to open up the market? This problem also plagues many domestic products.

For my country's artificial diamond enterprises, the most important thing is to go abroad. Due to historical reasons, Chinese people prefer gold in their consumption habits, and whether they can open up foreign markets is related to the survival of the entire synthetic diamonds industry chain.

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