"Diamond consumption" goes to civilians, and retail brands welcome a good opportunities for development

Since the beginning of this year, the Lab Grown diamond sector in the secondary market has been very popular, which has once aroused the market's attention and discussion on the cultivated diamond industry.



According to the reporter of "China Business Daily", unlike the natural diamond industry, about half of the production capacity of the Lab Grown diamond industry comes from China. At the same time, China is the second largest consumer of diamonds in the world.


In this context, Chinese enterprises have very good prospects for the development of the diamond industry.


On the retail side, new lab-grown diamond brands such as Light Mark have been established and have risen rapidly in recent years. At the same time, traditional jewelry retailers such as Mancaron and Chaohongji have also entered the field of cultivated diamonds.


With the growth of the industry, there is huge room for branding in the Lab Grown diamond industry.

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