Happy Lunar New Year 2023 to you and yours -Best wishes from FU RONG GEMS

 New Year Holiday Season

Happy new Year 2023, sending wishes your way for a great holiday season and a super fabulous year ahead!

"Cheers to health, happiness, and prosperity in 2023!"


Dear Customers, 

Thanks for your visiting us,  We’re on holidays now China Lunar New Year(Spring Festival) from Jan 16 to Jan 29, 2023. And resume business on 30 Jan 2023.

As to your enquiry, if urgent, our Sales Rep. will contact you shortly during the holiday, if not, I’m afraid we won’t reply your email or send the quotation until we back to regular work. Hope you understand.
Sorry for our late service and Good luck with your business.

Best Regards, 

FU RONG GEMS holidays Notice: https://www.frgems.com/2023-holiday-new-year-holiday-notice

When Is Lunar New Year?

Lunar New Year begins on the date (in East Asia) of the second new Moon after the winter solstice, which always takes place in late December. This means that the first day of the Lunar New Year can occur anytime between January 21 and February 20. 

In 2023, this new Moon occurs in China on Sunday, January 22, marking the start of a new lunar year.

YearLunar New YearChinese Zodiac Sign
2023Sunday, January 22Rabbit
2024Saturday, February 10Dragon
2025Wednesday, January 29Snake
2026Tuesday, February 17Horse

(Note: Due to the difference in time zones, the new Moon may technically occur one calendar date earlier or later in China. )

Why Are There Different New Years?

The traditional Chinese calendar is a lunisolar calendar, which means that it is based on astronomical observations of the Sun’s position in the sky and the Moon’s phases. This ancient calendar dates back to 14th century BCE (whereas the Gregorian calendar was introduced in 1582). The Chinese lunisolar calendar shares some similarities with the Hebrew calendar, which is also lunisolar, and it has influenced other East Asian calendars, such as those of Korea and Vietnam. 

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