Wholesale Criss Cut Moissanite D EF white Color VVS loose Gemstones from China

Loose Moissanite D EF white Color VVS Criss Cut Moissanite Diamond loose gemstone wholesale at factory price from China Suppliers and Manufacturer.

What is a Chris cut Moissanite diamond?

The criss cut Moissanite diamond is a new variation of the emerald cut diamond, which is known for its step-cut design. It has more facets than a regular cut emerald diamond, resulting in superior fire and brilliance. The criss cut diamond shape is created by Christopher Slowinski.




Now you can buy Criss Cut Moissanite D EF White Color or Other Moissanite Color Loose Gemstones with GRA Certificate from china Supplier.

Apart from Criss cut, we can make and supply many kinds of popular shapes/cuts, Emerald, flower, Rose cut..ect . 

Does Moissanite Gemstones look cheap?

Moissanite Gemstones can be beautiful, and it's FAR less expensive than Lab Grown diamond. If you're wondering whether your ring will look fake to others though, you've come to the right place. We'll cover the top clues that your Moissanite isn't a diamond below.

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