bulk wholesale lab grown ruby and blue sapphire four 4 leaf clover flower shape faceted gemstones from china

These 4 colors 4 leaf clover faceted gemstones in the following picture are very popular for the jewelry design. 

The colors are 2 lab grown Gemstones: Lab grown Ruby Red Gemstones, Lab Grown Blue sapphire gemstones, Cubic Zirconia Canary Yellow color and Cubic Zirconia Diamond imitated color gemstones. 

What kind of colored gemstones can be grown in a lab?

Diamond, fancy colored diamond, sapphire, ruby, spinel, emerald, alexandrite, moissanite, and opal. Every year, technology advances and more opportunities are available. Even in just the last five years, There’re huge advancements in the methods used to grow colored gemstones.
As you can see the pictures from this page, these colors are lab grown Gemstones from China Supplier FU RONG GEMS, and more and more colors will be created for the jewelry designs.


Apart from the four 4 leaf clover flower shape faceted gemstones, other popular shapes can be made in all these Lab grown Gemstone colors. 

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