Prada also started selling lab Grown diamonds

Prada recently released a new fine jewelry series, which uses laboratory grown diamonds as raw materials for jewelry making. This is a bold move in the current luxury market, where only a few high-end brands use lab-grown diamonds to create expensive jewelry in an industry dominated by natural diamonds.


This is the second Eternal Gold fine jewelry series released by Prada, which still focuses on traceable and renewable gold materials. The first Prada Eternal Gold fine jewelry series will be released in October 2022 and will go on sale in mainland China in early 2023.

The latest Eternal Gold fine jewelry series continues the style pioneered by Timothy Iwata, director of Prada’s jewelry product department. While retaining silhouette designs such as giant heart-shaped pendants, earrings, geometric snake-shaped bracelets and rings, it adds 100% new The model is made of renewable white gold and is inlaid with “Prada cut” Lab grown diamonds in both the gold and platinum models. The so-called "Prada Cut" is a new diamond cutting method developed by Prada's jewelry craftsmen to imitate the triangular shape of the Prada logo.

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