Global Trends in Lab grown Diamonds and China's Role

In recent years, with the advancement of technology and changes in consumer demand, the lab grown diamond industry has risen rapidly around the world. Major jewelry brands are vying to join this field.


On October 17, the Washington Post published an interview describing the Italian fashion luxury brand Prada’s preparations to sell lab grown diamond jewelry.

Pandora Jewelry Company (Pandora) announced in August that it will launch three new series of lab grown diamond products in the Australian, Mexican and Brazilian markets, and is committed to promoting lab grown diamond jewelry products to more customers.

Austrian crystal manufacturer Swarovski announced in August that after a "successful debut" in the U.S. and Canadian markets, the company is preparing to promote cultivated diamond products globally. Key markets include: China, Italy, South Korea, Japan, UK, Australia, France, Austria, UAE.

De Beers, the world's largest diamond producer, has launched its lab-grown diamond brand Lightbox. Its website shows that one carat of man-made diamonds can be purchased for just $800.

International luxury brands have also joined the Lab diamond track. After LVMH Group invested in Lusix, an Israeli cultivated diamond manufacturer, Gucci also released a new product series of cultivated diamonds.

In a word, the Lab grown diamond are becoming more and more popular in Jewelry designs.  and more and more jeweler like to choose China Lab Grown diamonds for their jewelry. 

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