The 4 main factors that lab grown diamonds are becoming more and more popular.

01 At a very good price
This is the most direct and most impressive attribute of Lab grown diamonds to consumers.
The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) revised the "Jewelry Guidelines" in 2018, expanding the definition of diamonds and stating that the term "diamond" includes both "mined" and "man-made". In other words, lab grown diamonds are also diamonds. The appearance and inner physical and chemical properties of lab-grown diamonds are the same as those of natural diamonds. They inherit the nobility of natural diamonds (bling bling~), but they can have lower prices, higher quality, larger carats, and more luxurious styles. .
If consumers are offered the following two choices:
A 1-carat Lab grown diamond can be purchased with a budget of 30 cents for natural diamonds.
When purchasing lab-grown diamond jewelry, the price is less than one-third of that of natural diamonds of the same quality.

What do you think consumers will choose? The answer is predictable.

Joy Thollot, founder of American jeweler Thollot & Co. Jewelers, said, "(Choosing lab-grown diamonds) is a no-brainer. Customers are really happy to buy larger diamonds. Less and less people care about the transfer of goods. Sales value, especially for young couples.” In the brand’s recent loose stone sales, the number of lab-grown diamonds to natural diamonds is 2:1, and the average weight of lab-grown diamond center stones is 2-2.5 carats, a size that has been growing .

Kantar Consumer Survey data also shows that price advantages and the same appearance and quality as natural diamonds are the main reasons why lab-grown diamonds attract consumers.
Factors that attract consumers to lab-grown diamonds

According to Tenoris' survey data on professional jewelers in the United States, from the beginning of 2023 to July, sales of loose diamonds in the U.S. market increased by 55.5%, accounting for 49.9% (natural diamonds accounted for 50.1%). Consumers Demand for lab-grown diamonds has been rising.

U.S. professional jewelers’ sales of loose lab-grown diamonds continue to rise

2. Diversified innovation
In addition to high cost performance, the wider choice of colors, shapes and styles of lab-grown diamonds is also a driving factor for consumer purchases.

With the continuous advancement of growth technology, cultivated diamonds have unlocked a wider color gamut (pink, yellow, blue, green, etc.), making it easier to obtain pure colors with controllable color shades, satisfying consumers’ demand for high-quality colored diamonds. needs.


Lab grown diamond pink and blue diamonds in different shades

In addition, compared with economic considerations that require as much care as possible during cutting of natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds have fewer restrictions, providing more room for cutting and cutting design and jewelry style design.

03 Exclusive customization

Lab-grown diamonds can meet the individual needs of consumers, including special carat weights, specific cuts, etc. For example, a 5.20-carat heart-shaped natural diamond may be hard to find, but a lab-grown diamond can be customized exclusively.

In addition, lab-grown diamonds also have a special customized product - Life Diamond, which extracts carbon elements from hair to make lab-grown diamonds. From the birth of a newborn, to a couple tying their hair and becoming a couple, to a pet that is like a relative, these meaningful moments and companionship can all become exclusive commemorations by collecting hair and cultivating it into diamonds.

04 Sustainability

Sustainable development requires a balance between the environment, society and economy. The statement of sustainability needs to be supported by tangible evidence. It is difficult to simply say whether natural diamonds or lab-grown diamonds are more sustainable. But from an environmental perspective, compared with natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds do not occupy natural land resources, emit less industrial water and greenhouse gases, are easier to implement green energy applications, and help to better reduce environmental and biological impacts. Influence. Many brands also turn to the use of lab-grown diamonds from the perspective of "sustainability" and "responsible luxury".

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