Lozenge Shape Moissanite Diamond loose gemstone wholesale at factory price

Loose Moissanite D color lozenge Shape Moissanite Diamond loose gemstone wholesale at factory price from China Suppliers and Manufacturer.


What's Lozenge Shape diamond?

A lozenge (/ˈlɒzɪndʒ/[1] LOZ-inj; symbol: ◊), often referred to as a diamond, is a form of rhombus. The definition of lozenge is not strictly fixed, and the word is sometimes used simply as a synonym (from Old French losenge) for rhombus.
A lozenge cut is a method for cutting precious gemstones, such as diamonds or Lab grown diamonds. The term describes a gem with a geometric diamond shape that has a stepped cut to maximize its clarity and color. You'll find a range of lozenge cut gemstone jewelry on 1stDibs.

Now you can buy Lozenge shaped Moissanite D White Color Loose Gemstones with GRA Certificate from china Supplier.

Apart from Lozenge shaped shape, we can make and supply many kinds of popular shapes/cuts, Emerald, flower, Rose cut..ect . 

Does Moissanite Gemstones look cheap?

Moissanite Gemstones can be beautiful, and it's FAR less expensive than Lab Grown diamond. If you're wondering whether your ring will look fake to others though, you've come to the right place. We'll cover the top clues that your Moissanite isn't a diamond below.

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